Do you see what I see?

I just took these pictures 5 min ago. Do you know what they are? there are 2 but the smaller one is kind of hard to see..... you can just see legs....this is in my back yard!
thanks for all the well wishes....I have a bronchial infection and bronchitis..... so I have really been out of it! I haven't been sleeping due to all the coughing so I have felt really emotional.... I want my mommy. I miss her SO MUCH. I miss my dad too. Funny how even as an adult and you get sick the only person you want is your mommy.

I had the quotes for cleaning the house.........the highest one was $124/clean!!! and the lowest was $60/clean if she came every week. Well that is more $$ than I want to spend and so there is a lady who is available who will clean for $20/hour..... that is the cheapest around. This lady is the one who I had the faux pas with the preschool with though hehehe..... and I had another one with her. I drove to school one morning and Faith was going to be a bit late so I was uh hem speeding....and when I got to the school I was walking in and she came up to me and said in her low mumbly voice that I have a hard time hearing....."boy, you sure were driving fast" and she made her hands like there were on a steering wheel ..... I said "oh was I?" and she kind of did this giggling thing and said "oh no I was"..... um what???? I think she is a little socially different but that is a judgment, my bad..... so to have her clean or not to clean??? I told the girls how much $$$ the cleaner will cost and said if we all work together we can do it ourselves and then we can use that $ for fun stuff. They liked the idea they said DEAL.... Faith said NO DEAL... she just has to be different! So we might just try that and see how it goes. Cuz I think that is just too much $$ to be spending on something me and the girls CAN do!
I also did something to the house that is going to be finished today........ say bye bye to mint green walls..... say hello to beautiful professionally done 3 colored walls and white ceiling ( my ceiling was mint green too)...... I have never hired painters before but I couldn't do this job by myself......... I will post pictures when it is done..... ok got to go and rest some more..... I will be around to your blogs this weekend and get all caught up!


I thought deer and ruth corrected me and says moose or black bear, then I remembered that your neighbours told you not to let the girls play outside alone.
Jenmomof4 said…
I agree on cleaning yourself. My grandmother said she would pay for someone to clean every other week and I took her up on it. IT was nice but it really stressed me out to have to pick up the clutter so she could clean etc. When we moved to MO I did not find anyone else to clean. My house is still not the cleanest but I don't have the stress like I did. Jen
Shash said…
That looks like Moose? We have deer in our backyard --- the kids would LOVE to see a moose in the wild. Maybe we'll do Christmas up at your place one time--- save all that cleaning money for our airfare tickets!! ;-) haha hehe
Elle*Bee said…
Love the photo~ Glad you're feeling better.
mom of 2 said…
I love those pictures...looks like a moose to me!

Hope the painting goes well...some things are just worth having someone else do it! That's a great idea about having everyone pitch in...hope it works out!

Hope you are feeling better soon!! I've got strep and a sinus infection...ick!!
PaPa said…
well girl U R in Moooose country.
I remember being at the cabin in Round Lake - outside Smithers and waking in the morning and looking out the bedroom window and there was a full grown moose with hugh rack about 6 feet away - he just sauntered away paying little attention to this human behind glass.

Now that you have an idea of the cost to hire cleaners - why not do the cleaning, pay the girls a portion and put the balance of the money saved aside in a special "Your" account.
theresa said…
I say crank up the music, give the girls some cleaning supplies and set the timer for 30 minutes and see how much you all can get done. Start by going clockwise. It can be really fun. That's what me and my kids did when they were younger. Then there was more time for us to do something special instead of me doing all the cleaning.

I hope you feel better soon. Want me to come over with some matzah ball soup? It cures everything!
Looney Mom said…
No fair. Your back yard? So COOL! Oh I hope you feel better soon!

And I'll confess something I don't think I've ever shared on my blog. I clean two houses a week - $50 each house, every week. It's a good supplemental income. I HATE IT, but I like the $$. $100 for 6 hours a week? Pretty good. Now, if only I could clean my own house. Hubby said he would pay me! LOL!
Ruth said…
Yay, new house paint!! I can't wait until we finally get around to doing that! According to everyone it is a moose, that is awesome!! I thought maybe a black bear too...but I will go with the general consensus!!
Yellow Mama said…
OOOOOHHHHH on the pictures. I'm sure you will let us know what was in the pics...anyway I'm sure it is a bear or moose or something, but it looks like an elephant to me...I know you don't have ele's in your backyard...get to feeling little man was out part of this week feeling kind of rough, so I'm just now getting back to blogging!Peace baby!
Lala's world said…
yes it is a momma moose and her baby...apparently they are living in our backyard....pretty cool eh

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