UGH I have so much to do today.
I am helping with our school's Christmas play, doing set painting and making costumes.
I have to be there at noon.
I have to finish getting ready for the craft fair.
J is coming home this weekend which means clean the bathrooms put the huge pile of laundry and vacuum the the regular stuff.
I am supposed to be going to a cookie swap on Sunday which would mean baking tons of cookies......
we are going to a dance, the fesitval of lights, on Saturday night.
I have to help decorate the school gym for the craft fair on Sunday........
I am going to want to spend as much time with my hubby as possible.

I am the type of person who gets overwhelmed very easily and weeks like this make me sweat! BUT at the same time when I have weeks like this I amaze myself at how much I get done!!! why is that? seems like such a contradiction.

I stayed up until 1:30 am this morning too.....why do I do that when I know I have so much to do this week? I think it was because the girls went to sleep SO late and then I couldn't find the cat and I was panicking that she was outside and last night with the wind chill it was -33 degrees and I thought she would be frozen.......she was sleeping under Hailey's bed but meanwhile I had searched outside til my nose felt like it was going to fall off....and yes I had checked all inside of the house and she usually comes when you call but didn't this time so that is why I thought she had gotten outside. So I started watching a movie on tv at 10:15 and crocheted a scarve and then got into the movie "a walk to remember" and it wasn't over till 1. I think I needed the downtime but I know I will pay for it now!

oh crap my computer keeps freezing...... I need a new one......any suggestions for a great well priced lap top??? I have lost so many posts recently cuz of it freezing on me.

Anyways my brain is racing and I should go get a move on here. Jenmomof4 asked me how much I am going to sell the purses for.... I am not totally positive but I was thinking of $8 for the plainer ones $12 for the jean pocket ones and $15 for the ones with beads...... what do you think?


Jessica said…
Christmas plays can be such FUN! :) blog is now hosted at blogger...please stop by and say hello!

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