Why is it?

Why is it that the only morning of the week that you have to sleep in...... you can't?
Why is it the mornings you have to get up early............... you can't?

Why is it that the kids don't remember where their socks, shoes, homework, backpacks, jackets, etc are............... but.............. they remember that you owe them $5.00 from 2 years ago?

Why is it that people can dish it out but can't take it?

Why is it that kids can't hear you tell them to clean up their rooms but they can hear you whisper "ice cream" from outside?

Why is it that kids learn to say no before they say yes?

Why is it that you get more forwarded emails from family/friends then phone calls?

Why is it that a low budget werewolf movie you watched when you were 12 still freaks you out but the new 2000+ werewolf movies don't?

Why is it that you can clearly express yourself in your head but when it comes to putting it to paper or opening you mouth you can't find the words?

Why is it that praying in public became embarrassing when you had no inhibitions about doing it as a child?

Why is it that we are afraid to tell people our beliefs and opinions but can flip the bird to "bad drivers"?

Why is it that your children behave better for others then you?

Why is it that while you are being confronted by someone you don't know what to say or have any good come backs and later when you are alone you rehearse the conversation in your head and are like doah....that would have been the perfect thing to say?

Why is it that when you think "oh man this will be so great to blog about" and then when you sit down in front of the computer.... you don't remember?

Why is it that I have more questions then answers?

Why is it that all of a sudden I can't remember all the "why is it's" that were rolling around my head at 8 am this morning instead of peacefully dreaming and sleeping in like I planned?


Ruth said…
good question(s)!!! let me know if you find the answers. :)

i have one...
WHY IS IT that everytime i buy a new soother for my bebe - it gets lost within 12 hours of buying it??!!!! and WHERE do they all go? she's just 9 months....she can't be coming up with complicated hiding spots, can she?
Heidi said…
Can I relate or what! Thanks for checking in Lala! We are far from packing until we figure out moving trucks/costs, etc. Not going until end of Jan. most likely but believe me, I'm so ready to get started!!
Looney Mom said…
Excellent questions... I totally relate. I wish I knew but it makes me nuts.
Ruth said…
I have wondered many of the same...especially the one about money!!
Heidi said…
Yes I'm quite anxious to get this all on a roll!
DOOL - the Shawn character has me confused too but I find this new Shawn is very good at acting like the old Shawn - his disposition and all. You're right he is much taller too. And Jack and Jen are already gone, I cried on that episode OMG LOL when Jen said her goodbye to Gran especially. The lady playing Alice Horton is 91 years old - I'm sure it wasn't hard for Melissa Reeves (Jen) to make such an emotional departure! I'm not liking this EJ Wells guy - apparently he's supposed to be the new 'Stephano Dimera'! I also heard Patrick will be leaving the show. I read that the baby Hope is carrying is really Bo's and that Patrick paid the Dr. off to pretend it is his baby to keep Hope. Obviously that will blow up in his face and that's how he'll leave the show. lol
mom of 2 said…
very good questions!! i would like to know where all of the missing socks go! i've got 4 or 5 on my nightstand that don't have matches...they have to be around here somewhere don't they???
Shash said…
waawee here,

So perfect. I have miss-placed TWO pairs of Jacobs shoes in only a couple of days. I hate BEING MAD AT MYSELF, cause I can't just walk away from my person. (I've never given myself a black eye though?...uhmmm it might help...)
Elle*Bee said…
I can soooooo relate. (esp. about the sleeping in part.)
MugwumpMom said…
LOL...this had me chuckling..good questions, but still chuckling..till I remembered I bought socks today and think I threw them out with the bag...why is it that the most random things come to us at the most random moments
mommaobrienx7 said…
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. Each question oh so true! The writer in you really came out in this one.
Jessica said…
You know...kids have so many "WHY" questions...we have a right to ask them sometimes too! LOL
Mama Lorna said…
I have a where question. Where does the one sock disappear to when you know you put 2 in the wash?? The things that make you go . . . HHHMMM
Anonymous said…
You have some very good questions... if you find out any answers let me know as I know feel lost.
Where am I again?
redheads said…
btw that was me last post.

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