Tuesday Randomness

There seems to be so much going on in my head so please excuse this post for being a bit all over the place. At the bottom of this post is pics of Hailey at her ice skating lessons...she is improving and not spending as much time falling, although she still does more than most of the other kids, she is getting there and starting to go faster and faster!

First I want to tell you a funny that happened at the Ranch on the weekend. Our Spaniel is in heat and my Uncle has a FIXED black lab.....however Buddy doesn't know his equipment doesn't work anymore and did the deed to Shelby.....right in front of the kids.........and if you have never seen dogs mate......well afterwards........they get stuck.....like literally stuck and it is kind of funny watching them try to walk around when their butts are stuck together!! while we were watching them, Emily looks at me and says
"do mummies and daddies get stuck like that too?"
um yah blank stare mouth hanging open
"no sweetie they don't get stuck"
she says
"phew well that's a relief"
um yah....interesting biology lesson they learned last weekend!!
btw Shelby probably is pregola as there were a few other dogs hanging round our place and I cannot be sure one of them didn't get her and I know for a fact one did.......so yeah for me puppies at Christmas time!! ugh

I am feeling.........what am I feeling??? well..........many things I guess. It is an adjustment to have J gone, be in a new city new home making new friends new school....new everything and not have the most important person in my life be here all the time. I know that it is just for a season though and I realize that I am strong enough to handle it.........so is J......doesn't mean it is easy all the time cuz there are many times I want to cry and throw my hands up in the air and scream at the top of my lungs "I QUIT"......but I don't and I can't and I won't. I am keeping busy....not crazy busy...but busy enough to help push time along. The issues that I have had with the girls before this major adjustment seem a little bit bigger and harder.......but I know it is forcing me to deal with them so I can't help but think this is a good thing. I decided to join the PAC at school and I feel pretty good about that too. I haven't really been involved with the kids school for a while cuz I felt overwhelmed with the amount of driving I had to do....well I don't now cuz of the wonderful amazing beloved school bus!! got to make sure I buy the bus drivers a thank you present at the end of the year!! love that service!!

I did prayer ministry with my friend this morning for another lady. I wasn't sure I was going too with being concerned for J and not knowing if he was hurt more than he realized......which by the way he wasn't thank you for your prayers and concern! he is fine now and went to work today. He is pretty sure the jeep is a write off and we have a claim # already and hopefully it won't take too long to get everything settled and he will be able to find another way home in 10 days!! deep sigh.......I really miss him..........deep sigh..... the girls and I prayed together after he called and we started really Praising God that he was saved and it totally made me realize that God did save him and not to focus on what could have happened but that he was saved and God will turn what was meant for evil to GOOD! I also really believe, as does J, that he is supposed to be where he is for work right now. We don't know for how long he will be there but God does and we just trust in Him to lead us in that and to give us the strength to do what it is He wants accomplished.

Tomorrow night Morgan has junior youth, they are doing a "who done it" murder mystery type game! those are SO much fun. Morgan's character is a 65 year old school teacher so tom. I am going to Value Village to find her clothing and hopefully a wig and then I will do her makeup to make her look old.........disclaimer here.....my mom is 64 and is in amazing shape and is a real beauty... I know that 65 is NOT old!!! and I even told Morgan this....she however wants to look really old so I think when she is done she will look older than 65! and I will definitely take pictures before she goes! she is really excited about it and loves youth so much. When she gets home from it she is always glowing and you can tell she had a great time! I am so glad! this is totally what I wanted and lets me know that we made the right decision and right church here in our new city! My cousin in law emailed me some natural hormone type stuff....called Estrosense...to try for her PMS symptoms....thank you L...I am going to see if I can find it here and try it for her! cuz yah...I agree if you have to take medicine it is better to take natural ones when possible!

On the way to Ice Skating lessons today Hailey informed me yet again, that she wants to be gothic..........I have NO idea where she got that from cept from a girl on the bus she rides to school with.......I have to look up what being Gothic means...cuz I really don't have a clue. I know she is only 6 and will probably forget this by the time she is old enough to buy her own clothes, cuz that is the only way she will EVER have just all black clothes!!! but what do you say? I just told her well I think she is a bit young to decide she wants to be gothic.....she painted her fingernails black before we left....with ink so it almost rubbed all off....now she just has nice black smudges on her face and her hands look like she has been playing with charcoal.....she also informed me that she NEEDS (said in a voice of desperation cuz her life depends on it) to go to her friends house today after school.....the answer of course being no cuz of ice skating. She goes on to plead her case cuz her and her friend have written a song and been practicing all day long and they need to go to her house to record it so they can make it on tapes then sell them to people...........ah yes....forever the entrepreneur....anyone remember the paint by water sheets she was selling for .25$ each??? selling them for God that time....or so she said part of her sales pitch.........this time there are no qualms....just selling them for $$$!!! so anyone think I have my hands full with this one??? quite the creative spirit I am dealing with!

ok well enough rambling enjoy the pics of Hailey/gothgirl/popstar/entrepreneur...


Looney Mom said…
OMG! Interesting biology lesson indeed! Weird.
shash said…
I don't think I'm ready for that kind of biology lesson!!

6 is an interesting age isn't it!! Emma is all about fashion, she went to a birthday party last night in high heels, beaded neck scarf and britney style hat. She made heads turn in the mall... she's all girl that one. I've never heard of one so young even knowing what Goth was, that's scary that some kid on the bus is, how old is she?

Have fun with your new puppies, let us know what they look like.
Morning Glory said…
Some biology lesson, huh?

At age 6 she actually knows what goth looks like? Oh they do get educated young these days. What a hoot.
Mama Lorna said…
Biology, that is too funny. I am glad mommy's and daddy's don't stick together. What a sight that would be. OK, happy thoughts!!!
Kristen said…
Great ice skating pictures! Very cute.

I really am not sure how I would have handled that little biology lesson. I think I would have covered their eyes and run the other way! LOL!
mom of 2 said…
It's so nice when the kids enjoy going to church...it's a great feeling!

Gothic...that's funny! Like you said, I'm sure she'll forget about it soon and move on to something else.

Oh and the dogs...hilarious!! Don't you just love those impromptu life lessons!
mommaobrienx7 said…
LOL! I can relate. We lived with my parents for a few months while we were house hunting and she has a male and female dog and the female was in heat. It brought up quite a few uncomfortable questions with my kids as they were going at it non-stop!

I know how it is with adjusting after a big move. We are a few months ahead of you in getting settled and it does get better! Hang in there!

I'm glad J is doing okay.

Thanks for sharing those photos! Very cute.
Ruth said…
wow. birds and the bees!! those learning years are sooo funny, heh? when my little sister found out how babies were made - she gave a little gasp and said with a horrified look to my mom, "you mean....grandma did that 12 times!!!!" (my grandma had 12 kids)

sigh. oh the joy i have to look forward too.

shalom to your heart.

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