Last night my friend invited me over for a hot tub! I am continually grateful for having a neighbor like her where I feel like we have been friends forever....not just a little over a month! I drove over cuz hey it is like - degrees and brrrr and dark in between our houses!! We sat in her hot tub for about an hour and she mentioned something that I thought about all night and all morning.

What is your passion?

Next year her youngest will be in school full time and her husband told her to do what she is passionate about....not just go back to work for the sake of going back to work. She shared with me about some of her passion and we are like SO much the same cuz it is part of mine too. Next year Faith goes to Kindergarten so I will still have her home a couple of days a week but I too have begun to think about what I am going to do when she is in school full time. I thought about going back to school myself and getting my Social Services Degree..........something that I am still thinking about because I thought it would help me to be able to work in what I am passionate about. I feel passionately about helping other women, especially single moms. I would love to be able to walk beside them, help them get on their feet, help them practically as well as emotionally. I am passionate about praying with people and having them experience freedom so I am praying about going to Washington to do an intensive RTF (Restoring The Foundations) prayer counseling with the couple who taught the course I took. Many people from our old church went and it is SO beneficial. I don't want to think that in order to be recognized I HAVE to get my degree is SS.....Wherever God wants me I will go. I know He doesn't have to use the world's recognition system to get a job done either..... but it also could be helpful. So I am waiting on that right now too.

Passions are different than interests.

I think it is important to know the difference. I am interested in sewing and reading but they are not my passion. I believe many of your God given giftings will aid you in your passions. I also believe that prayer has to go into your passions before you can act on them. Some people may not see how they can afford to do what they are passionate about.........I honestly believe you can't afford not too! Even Donald Trump says to be truly successful you have to love what you do.

What are you passionate about?

My oldest is passionate about horses and part of the reason we moved here was to enable her to pursue that passion. I still haven't figured out what the other girls passions are but as soon as I do I will do my best to help them pursue those too. I am not a mom who puts her kids in activities for the sake of doing so..... in fact I don't mean to step on any toes but I think so many families are SO busy running from this sport to that dance that they loose a lot of valuable family time, doing family things..... like eating together at a decent time!!! I wasn't in 10 different activities growing up and I don't feel like I missed out on anything! however I am sure that if I showed a passion for something my parents would have helped me pursue it. Trying different sports and activities is a good way to find out what your kids are passionate long as you know it is their passions and not your dreams that you have placed on your kids....... that Olympic medal...the recognition....whatever it may be! anyways I think this is a whole other post... I digress.

So I ask you my blogging buddies........what is your passion? are you living it? are you walking towards it? if not, what is the obstacle holding you back? come on.....share with me!!!

side note: last night I made a conscious effort for bed time to be different! no more yelling........GET YOUR BUTT IN BED!! I borrowed an Adventures in Odyssey cd from my neighbor (mine are with J! in the jeep) and after dinner we all sat on the couch in pj's and listened to it and cuddled....then they went to bed and I stayed upstairs with them as they got ready and tucked them in and then I laid down on the 2 youngest floor and sang.........and they fell asleep so peacefully and easily! and you know this morning just felt better......way more calm and relaxed! so it was definitely a step in the right direction!!!


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Lala's world said…
grrrrrrrr spam but I have to admit that I hate the word verification even more!!!
Xangelle said…
Can't you just go into the comments section of your blog and delete it???

What's my passion? Not sure! I'm still trying to figure that one out. All my kids are in full time school, and I kinda feel like I could do so many things, but what "SHOULD" I be doing, and what do I "WANT" to do, and more importantly, "What does my Father want me to be doing?"

I hope I figure it all out soon.
mom of 2 said…
That's a great question...I'll have to think on it! I know that laundry and housework are NOT my passion...yet my family is definitely my passion so they seem intertwined somehow...did that make any sense?? Outside of my family, like a work passion I don't know if I have one. I have recently started working in the 1 year old class at church and the first week I really didn't like all!! Now my heart is with each one of those little guys and I'm really wanting to be in there every week. When I serve that means my kids stay for 2 services, which I know lots of kids do. Emily's not crazy about it, but Travis doesn't mind at all...he loves it! Anyway, I've always had a soft spot for children so maybe something to do with kids would be my passion. I have always wanted to volunteer in the NICU at the children's hospital rocking the babies. I'm going to do that when Travis goes to school all day. (our kindergarten is half day here.)

Thanks for a great me to thinking!
Cool Mama said…
Hey Lise...missing you ALOT this morning.( Just thougth I'd throw that in!!)...and sounds like you've hit on the key to your kids - they want YOUR TIME and attention. It doesn't have to take all night...but sowing that into them, will probably reap tons of benefits - maybe even more peaceful kids inthe mornings, cause they went to bed content? Who knows...Oh! and I think you would be awesome at RTF - I'd lvoe to see Patti do it too - but hey that's just me! And my passion? Well, it's definitely God...and seeing people find freedom. HOw does that look? NOt sure yet. But it feels like He's re-inventing me right now, so I'll keep you posted!
Mama Lorna said…
Passion, hhmm, I was asked that by my old music pastor before he moved away. I don't know what it is yet, but a desire of mine has been to volunteer at the children's hospital, which I am doing. You bring up great points about passion and will have to pursue it.
Ruth said…
LOVE this post. i want a hot tub!!!!

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