I wanna be a cowgirl.....and you can be my cowboy

I posted a couple more pictures of the weekend. The log house is over 6,000 sq feet!!! and has an amazing view of their private lake....you can see the strip of blue behind the house.

Well how to describe a cattle drive??? it was an adventure that I would like to do again and this time I am more confident in what I am doing. We had horses growing up so I know how to ride but ride and push cows and try to anticipate their next move....that is not so easy!! Now if only between now and the next time I can invent a super soft saddle!! that would be perfect! I am finally walking normal! and thanks to another soak in my friends hot tub tonight I should be back to normal tomorrow!

We were literally on horse back from before noon to 7 with about a 45 min break.........where we laid down on the grass and moaned!! hehe.... we were out looking for cows and running them back to the ranch and the big field until about 2...that's when we got our break then we pushed them in from the big field to the big pen where we then pushed them out in small groups so they could be sorted and my Uncle could decide what he was selling and what he was keeping......we actually didn't get all the cows and they had to go back out on Sunday afternoon to see if they could find them. We crossed the lake (at a shallow point) and circled a bit on the neighboring Indian reservation searching for over an hour for 3 cows that ran back to the ranch as soon as they saw us....Unfortunately we didn't know where they ran too and had to try to find them....so when we FINALLY made it to the road the guys waiting there to shoo the cows down the right road said yah we saw those 3 cows.....about 1 1/2 hours ago!!! hmmpphh ya well all part of the adventure right! it is some purdy country and the smell.......how to describe the smell of clean crisp fall air? it almost smelt like an apple orchard but there were no apple trees....I asked my Aunt what the smell was.........she said simply fall........really really amazing!

We found a larger group of cows a bit to the North of the field and it took us some time to figure out how to come round them without spooking them in the wrong direction.....after literally bush whacking on horse back covering my head with my arms and closing my eyes thru the brambles and dense forest....we finally made our way to the far side of them and ran them toward the right direction. I lost my hat.....it got snaggled on a tree and when you are chasing cows you don't really have time to jump off to retrieve your hat!!! then we chased them thru more dense trees to get them back to the road then to the gate then to the field.......Morgan was on the white quarter horse...the ranch's only quarter horse..."General"..... Aunt Marion was on her cut stud "Mosey" and I was on "Shadow" both Tennessee Walkers which she breeds. So the 3 of us fan out and I was heading right Morgan was supposed to be on the left and Marion in the middle......cept General didn't want to go at the moment and the cows were on their way and so followed Marion and I.....while I was thinking ok I am leaving my 12 year old on a field...in the wilderness....got to chase the cows.............got to find the cows......where did Marion go...........which way am I going.....I hope I am going the right way.....ok I hope there are no black bears just around the corner......hope those bones/carcass don't smell...........oh there is Morgan....I hear Marion....she is yelling " they are turning back around..." oh dear.....I start whooping and making noise....oops I see a cow......yell some more.....let the horse lead as he must know where we are going.... try to keep to the right though....... yipppeee aiiiii kaiii yaaaaaiiii....what an adrenaline rush....we all broke out onto the road and the cows went thru the gate and on to the Big field! what a rush! what a feeling....I was a real cowgirl!

I am glad that we were able to help, there is no way they could have done all that with just the 2 of them! I don't think finding help will be a problem next year cuz our neighbors want to go too and I am sure there will be others! It is a riot and should be on everyone's "to do list"......
It was great to have J around for the weekend too. Having him gone is such an adjustment....for me for him and for the girls. We didn't have a perfect weekend like I hoped....nope life and personalities and Aunt Flo uh hem....get in the way! I think we learned though not to have such high expectations when he is home and just enjoy the time we have. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be put first...if that makes sense!

He left this afternoon for work again and called me around 8 tonight telling me he got into an accident but he was ok. He was almost there about 1 1/2 hours away from where he is working and a truck drove past him with his high beams on and it was blinding for him and when he could finally see straight there was a deer right in front of him and there was no way he could avoid it. It smashed the front end and passenger side of the jeep.....he thinks it is totaled. He did manage to drive it the rest of the way and this is a good thing cuz his cell phone was dead and it is a dark dangerous highway. He said he has a headache and it was obvious that he was still in shock........he said heavy with emotion "as if being away from my family isn't enough" so he is really feeling down. Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to figure out what to do (he is in Alberta...we live in BC) and I pray that he is physically and emotionally fine! The girls and I all prayed for him tonight and thanked God for saving him and protecting him....once we did that I felt much better.....then I went over to my friends and we sat in the hot tub and we were praying and she said....you know at 5pm I was reminded to pray for J and I did......and again I am so thankful for such amazing neighbors and reminded as well that when we are prompted to pray for someone that it is important to DO IT....because you don't know what it is for and it is important to be obedient! So thank you to all my friends family and praying blogging buddies for praying for J and our family! we really appreciate it!

"hi moo moo cows"
I SO love this picture....so dad I am going to send it to you can you blow it up a bit and print it? talk about sisterly love....now why can't they do this all the time???
I wanna be a cowgirl!!


theresa said…
Amazing story and love the pictures. I want to move there....

How is J today?
Amber said…
I'm so glad everything is OK and the log cabin looks great! Only don't quote THE WORST song in the history of music. :-)
Morning Glory said…
I'm so glad he wasn't hurt in that accident. How terrible!!

The picture of the girls is just adorable. If they acted like that all the time, the picture wouldn't be quite as special. I have some photos like that and I wondered the same thing when my girls were young. :)
Mama Lorna said…
Boy, your girls look so angelic. Yes, that is the way we want them always to be.
I will be praying for J. Hope he is ok!
mom of 2 said…
What an awesome adventure!! Sounds like you had a great time!

Glad to hear that J is ok, too. Who knew an animal could do so much damage?

Hope yu have a great week!
Ruth said…
those are AWESOME pictures! i wanna be a cowgirl too!!
holli said…
Okay - that sounds like so much fun. I want to be a cowgirl. Or at least have just one pet cow.

I'm glad you all are having so much fun there!!
Ruth said…
Oh, I just loved reading about the cattle drive. It sounds like something that would be so cool to do!! I am glad that J is fine and he wasn't hurt at all. I love all the pics.

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