Halloween costumes and pumpkin carving pictures

whew finally blogger let me upload!! the kids carved their pumpkins last night...with our neighbor boys...they had a blast... I still have to toast the seeds..I am still in sloth mode! I got so much done running around today but know the day is far from over....all that is keeping me going is the count down till J gets home. I have to take Morgan to the doc tomorrow morning. Hailey rolled a pumpkin over her foot and the pumpkin skin sliced right under her big toe!! so it is falling off and pussing and oossing.....you can always count on me to gross you out hehehe... Hailey also needs to go because she has been complaining of stomach aches A LOT and now I have noticed her appetite fading away, so I am a bit concerned and hopefully we can get to the bottom of it tomorrow, I am also wondering if this is adding to her....Um how do I call it...temper? attitude? she has been realy hard to get along with lately....more than usual! so... and Emily has a bronchial sounding cough so off we go! I am thinking I might just keep them home all day!! just have a down day.....not sure yet...ok well enjoy the pictures! have a safe evening! ewww pumpkin guts
ok she is such a diva posing for the camera!
Faith was talking to daddy on the phone here....running around the house singing 4 little monkeys jumping on the bed... one fell off and bumped his head....momma called the doctor and the doctor said NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED.....she sings it like the song that never ends cuz she doesn't start counting down the monkeys until she has sung it at least 5 times with 4 monkeys! very cute J gets a kick out listening to her. She asks where daddy is all the time and worries about him. Last night at dinner she prayed for daddy it went something like this ~ dear Desus tank you for daddy toming home safe and bwess dis food to hour bodies and help daddy tome home and not be dead and help daddy be safwey home. SO CUTE!!
Fairy Princess Faith
my "retro barbie's"
my hippy chick! who looks so thrilled in this picture!! they are having a dance at their school today a sock hop at lunch time....she was so nervous and excited cuz she has never been to a dance before! I can't wait to hear all about it!


Ruth said…
Oh, their costumes are great!!
theresa said…
Thanks for sharing your children's Halloween....I miss having little children.

I usually have 2 kids come trick or treating.....there were too many tonight, I ran out of candy!

Thanks for stopping by my site and your kind words.
Morning Glory said…
The kids all look so cute! Glad blogger finally let you share them with us.
Amber said…
Darling pics but I have to admit when I saw the first picture of Fairy Princess Faith, the cupboard behind makes it look like she has horns. Good thing I did a double-take!
Ruth said…

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