blogger grrrr

grrrr trying to upload pics of the girls in their costumes and booger blogger isn't letting me!!! grrr so I will try later.

I have SO many errands to run today and I feel like a my arms and legs weigh 500 pounds each.....why does that happen? ever have days like that? I feel like my brain is even slow like I can't articulate my thoughts!! hmmmmm wonder if it is all the candy I have been eating over the last couple of days??!!

Faith got into the candy with a little help from a few others I think.....her room is wall to wall wrappers! I was SHOCKED! can we say sugar addict???

oops it is almost time to go and I am in my pj's still......ahhhhhhhh wake up!


mom of 2 said…
yes, I have days like those! They usually seem to happen on the days that I have the most to do...figures!!

Hope you guys have a happy and safe Halloween!
Nikkie said…
I have those days too I hope you guys have a happy hollween and that blogger stops being a booger!
holli said…
hee hee - go Faith!! You know I do that stuff in my sleep sometimes, which is why I don't keep it around. And why it sucks to be staying at my parents so much lately.

We want pics - blogger!!

Happy halloween!!!
Ruth said…
i know....sometimes i'd like to give blogger a black eye! or at least a pinch or something.....

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