what a weekend

wow I did so much this weekend, I don't even know where to start!

I looked at a couple of horses for Morgan and found one that I really like. It is a 7 year old pinto quarter horse/morgan horse. His name is Saturn and he is a gem. He is very calm and would be great to have for all my little girls! She rode 2 horses and felt the most comfortable on Saturn. I do want to look at more horses before making any decisions and have to look into boarding one close to our house until we get our fencing complete. With J working out of town and gone for 10 days at a time then home for 4, the fence might take some time and I don't want to put too much pressure on him.

I also went back to the church I went to last week and think this could be the one. I feel very comfortable there and with J only being home every other weekend this was important for me. I also talked to the senior pastor and he knows my old pastors from WRCF which made me feel a connection there and somehow safe. The people are friendly and I have been invited to 2 small groups already! the girls LOVE the Sunday School and Morgan and her friend (who she met this summer at the cabin and moved here as well) love the service. They also have a huge established youth group and that was a key factor for us too. The worship is contemporary and a little rocking........right up my alley! I don't know most of the songs but I love every one I we sung. They do a skit every service and have a coffee break in the middle of the service serving Tim Horton's coffee, tea and juice. They encourage the people to have relationship and have just kicked off 40 days of community based on the book by Rick Warren. It feels good to know where I am going every week and start finding my place and where/how God wants me to fit in.

J left today for his first shift at work. So it will be interesting to see how it goes. I know he will do fine and prove himself more than worthy of the foreman position they have placed him in. In fact I can see him moving up quite quickly. He is just so good with people and fair and the hardest worker I have ever seen......well him and my dad!!

I guest blogged at my friends site Super Mom.....feel free to check it out! that is my first guest post! I also posted the "this is a test" for her too! I tried to help her bring her side bar back up but ya couldn't do it!!! I got a lot more to learn about all this html stuff!

Happy Monday


mom of 2 said…
Our church is doing the 40 days by Rick Warren too...I think we start in a few weeks. Our music is sort of rockin, too...I love it!!

I'll have to go over and check out your guest blogging!

Oooohh...I love horses!! I'd love to see some pics! They are such beautiful animals!
mom of 2 said…
I was totally a working girl today and didn't get around to posting, but I will tomorrow!

And I only checked your blog about 20 times since your last post Friday till you posted earlier...so who's stalking who here??? lol Hope you had a good weekend!!
Cool Mama said…
Hey Girl....you blow me away!! I was expecting something FUNNY and instead you made me CRY!!! I was so touched...especially after I figured out that the 'saint' you were describing was ME!!! Wow! Gotta get that halo on alittle straighter and shined up - you might have just caused some business to be sent my way, and I wanna be ready! ...seriously..thanks Lise!! You're amazing!
Shash said…
Cool about the horse and about finding a church you like and about the girls settling in so great.
mommaobrienx7 said…
Oh I can so relate to all you are going through. Our big move has been nearly 5 months ago and we are just now really settling in to our new community. I had to go through the same things, finding a new church, husband starting a new job, kids starting a new school, setting up a new home and on and on! Moves can be so stressful. That is wonderful you have found a Church you are starting to feel comfortable in. What a blessing! There is only one Church of our denomination here in our parish so we don't have any choices unless we want to drive over 30 minutes. Thankfully we love it and are starting to feel the need to become more involved like we were at our old Church. I'm so happy things are going well for you.
MugwumpMom said…
Great guest blog. Lovely tribute.
What happened to Marion giving you King? He too old?
How was your visit with Lori and Marion? Email and tell me all about it. Love ya. Miss ya. Miss ya. Love ya.
Anonymous said…
OH my, it's ten mintutes to 1am here. I'm very tired and when I read about the horses, I thought the sentence said "I cooked a couple of horses..." I'm so glad it really said "looked at a couple of horses." Geesh, I need to go to bed.
Heidi said…
Hi Lala! It's so great to hear about a church you are finally comfortable in! Especially with the connection with the pastor...and I have to mention you can't beat Tim Horton's lol. The girls must be thrilled too! The horse for your kids sounds lovely, they must be so excited. I can't wait to see pictures. It sounds like this move has turned out so well for you folks, I'm quite happy for you. I know it must be hard with hubby away so often, I understand what that's like. Which brings me to tell you something but I don't want to blog about it until we know for sure. Wayne was offered a job in Vancouver and he is seriously considering to accept! I've prayed about moving home for years and this could finally be it. It's funny how I met you on blogger a while back when I was doing a random blog walk and noticed you were from BC. Now I feel I've made a connection with a few MORE things we have in common too! The Good Lord works in mysterious ways doesn't He? I'll keep you posted...

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