This is NOT a test

ok while I have been really proud of myself for coming up with my reward point system and sometimes it really does motivate them...............emphasis on the word SOMETIMES.......I guess they are testing me cuz J is gone. I don't know but after the attitude they show me and not coming when I call them in the park and at Costco.....I've about had it. Not only have they lost points but they are in the negative!!! cept for Morgan. She has been really good, thank goodness!

I keep thinking ok what am I not doing?

what should I be doing different?

cuz I hate feeling like this and I can't complain to J cuz what is he going to do about it and that will just make him feel like he has to come home and I don't want to add that pressure on him! I have to just keep praying for wisdom and patience..........ok can't type that word without hearing Axle singing and the whistling and the funky swaying back and forth....oh man how grade 11/12 is that! that would be 90/91 for me! oops I digress.....ok yeah you have NO idea how long I have waited to have a post where I could actually use that word!!!

so back to the you think they are just testing me and will get past this?? any suggestions besides beating them and screaming me throat raw?? and NO I don't beat them.....just tempted :0 Faith said to me tonight "I hate mama"........oh man not good

ok rant over

I do go pick up J from the bus station tonight and that makes me happy...... just have to get a handle on these girls I guess

I took Morgan to Junior Youth Group tonight, they played Capture the Flag, man I LOVED that game!!! she had a blast and said there is another special activity this Friday night that she wants to go so good to see her fitting in........finally........and being able to be herself and love it here! so that is awesome!

oh oh oh and more with the friendly people here...... a neighbor who's house I can juuusst make out thru the trees came over with her son this afternoon. He kept hearing kids and wanted to come over and check us out so she brought him over to meet us and stayed for about 1/2 hour. I also got a phone call from a lady from the church regarding a ladies Bible Study and we ended up on the phone for almost an hour!! not getting much house work done but filling my days up with all 250,000 words I have a day! ya that's right... I said 250,000 words, God blessed with me a double and then some portion!!! my neighbor also came over for tea and I worked out at the gym with my friend from the coast this morning and then she took me out for breakfast with her son and her hubby, it is his B-day today! so I have done LOTS of visiting....

hmmmmm thinking maybe the kids are wanting some attention, maybe that is why they were so rotten today? they have been getting SO much of my attention since we moved here.......... oh man what would I do without this blog and getting my thoughts all out???!!! then again....I am on the computer SO much it bugs them...... hmmmmmm lots to think about.


holli said…
Faith is going through some seriously fuss pot moments herself lately. And if it makes you feel better (warped for me to say this so you'll feel better) - Faith has told me several times that she doesn't love me.

How nice.

I'm glad you're meeting so many people - that's great!!
theresa said…
The reward system is a great idea, my brother uses it with his small children...he uses marbles in a jar instead of a chart and the girls love to put the marbles in their jars for rewards and then take them out when they didn't do something.

I'm so happy that you are meeting people and making friends. I can't wait to move to Connecticut and do the same. I have to wait another year now since the housing market has dropped here.

Thanks for always stopping by to read my posts, I apprechiate it....and as for the theme party, that's PookieBear's mom, she's amazing...she even makes the children's theme cakes!
redheads said…
I think that having the reward system is a great idea! I think that you have to be consistant and if they are not going to listen then don't go out with them... I know that is hard with J gone but do your stuff through out the day instead. What I have also found is that when my kids are acting up they are wanting attention too, so I have tried to make a concious decision to play with then, talk with them and praise them on everything I see that I like that they are doing... trying not to hound on the negative as much. Just my opionion.

I am so happy that you have found so many wonderful people there... GOD knew you needed it or would be frusterated NOT being able to get out those 250,000 words. HAHA My kids think I talk to much too, so does my hubby sometimes...but is glad that its not him that has to listen to everything I have to say. What a guy!
mom of 2 said…
Oh I so don't like when the kids test me!! I let them know right up front that if they want to battle we can, but I'm going to win! I'm so mean!!

I'm glad you've made so many friends...that makes life so much easier!!
Cool Mama said…
Hey Lala...I'm so envious when I read of how 'friendly' everyone is up there! Reminds me of living up north in Whitehorse! People become 'family' very quickly! Enjoy! Also..about the kids...from my perspective, with my limited experience...when I did the reward and job chart thing - it really does work! BUT remember, that it takes YOU being consistent. If the kids aren't used to doing all this, eventually their 'nature' will be to return to 'life as it was' - without the rules and charts. The initial excitement wears off, when they realise that they have to 'keep' doing these things to get rewards. The kicker is, if you give up, and start rewarding them, to make life easier for you ( ie. going out to McDonalds, cause your too tired to cook...buying videos to keep them busy etc etc. ) - it sends the message that they can get the rewards without the work. So..hang in there. It will take a couple of weeks for a pattern to be set, but it's worth it! Don't expect 'change' to not be challenged! Also..the kids may be, as you said, missing ask God to give you a 'game plan' that revolves around giving them some special cuddle time or a 'date' with Mom - that will pour in some love and security, where they're missing daddy!'re a GREAT can do it! Just hang in there! There's value in what you're wanting to do!
Judy said…
left a suggention on previous post
Looney Mom said…
Oooohhh... ouch!! And I'm sitting here eating... bad timing.

These kids of ours know exactly how to push our buttons - especially when daddy's gone, dangit! And I can relate to the feeling of wanting to slap them silly sometimes... paraphrase. It's normal.

And you have been so blessed with a perfect place to call home. Did I mention like 5 times already that I'm JEALOUS!?!? hee hee

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