Thanks for all the help and pics of the doo

what a dorky picture......ya self portraits are fun! you should have seen all the ones I deleted!! I tried to take some pics from higher up but all that achieved was great cleavage shots!! my bangs don't look quite right here either........hmmmm wondering if I should delete this??? ugh... yup I deleted it!! too gross this one gives you a better idea of the colors!

I just want to say thank you to everyone for making a small town girl's wishful thinking come true! and getting me over 200 comments! It took 24 hours! but by george we did it!! so thanks again! some of you I tried to personally leave a thank you comment on your blog but I wasn't able too??? is there something different with Beta that I don't know about? so anyways big thank you!! and special thanks to Chrissa, Ruth, Warpie and my cousin Rena, and Julie Julie Bo Boolie for linking me to their blogs to get more comments!!! and if I am missing someone! sorry!! thank you too

oh and I just got off the phone with J......he is coming home tomorrow morning a week early and is going to surprise the girls! I have been having a tough week without him and last night some really big stuff hit the fan with Morgan. She made me promise not to talk about it here but all I will say is I felt I got the wind knocked out of me! So I talked/cried to J on the phone this morning and he called back and said see if you can get me in to get the truck fixed up there..( he got into an accident with the truck before we moved, some young kid cut him off and the brick he was carrying in the bed of the truck went slamming forward) I made 2 phone calls and whined and pleaded my case........the 2nd place said yes and so!! hurrah! J is able to get the truck in on Monday morning! which means I have him for a whole week before he goes hunting and then away to work on the gas lines in the oil fields. He will gone for work for 10 days then off for 4. This is not only a whole new town but a whole new way of life for us with him gone so much. If he wasn't coming home tomorrow then it would be next Thurs. and he would have been home for 1 day before leaving for 2 weeks again! so that was sucking in my mind! He is still waiting to hear if he has sold his business and a part of me is worrying that if he comes home now he might complicate all that but a bigger part of me doesn't care. Just want him home! ok there is my rant for the day!!

Thanks again and if anyone else wants to do the same for their 200th post....let me know and I will link you and join in on the fun!


Kristen said…
Hey, thanks for letting me copy you! I put mine up for my 125th post if you want to link to me! :-)!

Great idea and successful, too! :-) (For you, anyway!)
Ruth said…
Maybe I will try the 200 comment sure was fun!! I will have to see how much thinking I can get done and if anything *unique* comes into my mind before then!!
mom of 2 said…
I'm so glad you made was fun!!!

Your hair looks cute! Love the highlights!

Glad your hubby is coming home! I'm not a fan of being without my hubby! And i hope whatever it is with your daughter works out okay!!
Nikkie said…
Thats great that you made it to 200! I like your hair cut!
MugwumpMom said…
Love the do.
Love the bored almost disdainful look on your face.
Happy that J is coming home to you.
Sorry to hear that about M.

And super duper congrats on your posts record!! That was fun!
redheads said…
I am so glad that you were able to make it past 200 posts that was an awesome idea.

I Love the highlights! Looks like you are growing your hair longer?? then the last time we meet? Oh well it looks great.

I will be praying to you and M and that peace may come to both of you.
Anonymous said…
well, I never linked ya cuz by the time I was gonna do it on Sat, you already had 200!!!

Have you ever put your pic on here before?? You're soo pretty (well the side of you anyway)!!!

I'm glad your hubby will be home soon!

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