some much anticipated pictures

so here they are some pictures of our house.

this is in our backyard and the really red trees are Pine Beetle trees! it is SO sad to see the devastation the beetle has caused to our Pine trees. These will have to be cut down ASAP as they are dangerous as they are literally standing dead trees and when they fall they snap at the base. They are also a fire hazard and if they fall on your house the insurance companies will not cover the damage. So when J comes back up that his first thing on his to do list!
another view of our backyard. The wood is covering the access to our sceptic system.
the is the formal living room where the gas fireplace is and is waiting some furniture!!! I hope to buy some furniture off my parents that they are wanting to sell. They are country type rocker chairs and love seat and chaise lounger! they would totally suit this room. and of course little foofoo getting in on the photo action.
I had to take a picture of my island and gas stove top! a dream come true of mine and behind you can see the phone desk where I have plopped my computer! now to figure a way to conceal all the cords!!!
our massive garage! there is a landing where I am standing taking the picture which leads to the laundry/boot room. We have put our freezer on it and a table and J said he will cut all the meat he shoots here.........hmmmmm bloody raw gamey meat.......ya that's his dream.... NOT MINE!!
This is taken from standing in the front door. The stairs going up and down are both curved.
ya a picture of what my house looks like on a reg basis!! groceries waiting to be put away, counters full!!! just so you can know the REAL me!! basically I went to take J to the airport, got some needed groceries, ran home and took pics right away so I could post them!! ya my blog is always on my mind!!
this is our family room, with the floor to ceiling river rock fireplace, complete with laundry basket full of laundry to be folded..... a permanent fixture in any given room of my house!!

so there you have it! I will have to take pic's of the bedrooms next and downstairs. I caught Morgan with the camera and she went thru about 10 batteries! these digital cameras literally suck batteries within just a few pictures!! doesn't help that the kids make movies on it too! and she figured out my downloading thingy so I am grateful for that!

Church update. We went to an Alliance church this morning. It really reminded me of the first church J and I went too after we were first married. From the building to the worship service! in fact some of the same songs were song!! talk about walking down memory lane. The service was good and I hate to pick apart a church so I won't. I will just say for me, it was not contemporary that I mean....hardly anyone was even clapping!!!! they seemed to be for the most part just singing cuz it is what you are supposed to do......not what I have become used too.......sorry if that is a judgment, it's not meant to be, just not my style. They also had NO Sunday School for the older Faith beamed at them as she was lead to her class as the other 3 sat with their arms crossed and a look of what. do . you. mean. there. on their faces!!! ya that was something they were not too happy about and told me they want church with Sunday School!! the Pastor was great I thought, young and funny and easy to listen too. His message was on prayer and I felt it was really well said and Biblically based. He gave a great analogy about everything being quick service these days with self check out lines and automated everything.......he said how much of our prayer life is like that? We give God our quick run down on what we need then say thank you very much and we are finished with our transaction..... well said and sometimes too true for me!

Next week I will be trying another one and will let you know how that goes too. For now I need some tea and a blanket! I am fighting a cold and am physically tired as yesterday I got so much accomplished around here! I like days like that!


smallchild93 said…
WOW! Nice house Lise!
God has shure blessed you! Im soo happy for you guys! I hope I can see you soon
mommaobrienx7 said…
I hope you feel better soon. Tea sounds good - I think I might go make some!

Your new home is absolutely GORGEOURS! Congratulations! The land you have is just stunning. You must be so happy. I am happy for you. God is good.
MugwumpMom said…
Your furniture in the family room looks "just right"! Love it.
I pray that God will lead you to the perfect church.
Morning Glory said…
This house is absolutely beautiful!! I don't know about the one you wanted so badly a while back, but this place is a dream. Oh, that front porch..... Congratulations and I hope you have a fabulous time getting moved in.

Good luck too on the church hunting.
Anonymous said…
WHat a beautiful house!!! I was so excited to see pictures!!!!! Yay!!

Well, at least you do laundry!! I'm so behind!! I keep telling myself "just do a load a day and it will be much easier." yeah, like that ever happens!!!LOL.
mom of 2 said…
Your house is soooo pretty and huge!!! That is so awesome! And I love all of the trees in the backyard! And as for the kitch...mine looks like that, too!!

Good luck finding a church you all like!
mom of 2 said…
Your house is soooo pretty and huge!!! That is so awesome! And I love all of the trees in the backyard! And as for the kitch...mine looks like that, too!!

Good luck finding a church you all like!
mom of 2 said…
oops...didn't mean to post twice!
utmommy said…
I love your house!
Heidi said…
Hey Lala - LOVELY HOME!! You must be so proud of yourself and your family. TREES!! I just LOVE trees! Also I hope you find a church you can all enjoy, it's a very personal choice and takes time to search for the right one. Can't wait to see more pics! Hope you're fighting off that cold, you must be run down. Get long sleeps at night, that helps so much.
holli said…
Oh my gosh - Laura!! I've been so out of touch I come back to a whole new Lala's world - literally!!! I am in love with your home - seriously in love with it, from the backyard view, to the staircase, to the beautiful hardwood floors. I'm so thrilled for you!!!
Ruth said…
I love the pics of the house...It is so awesome and you have such a way with words and describing everything. I am so excited for you and can't wait to see some more pics!!
FarmgirlCyn said…
Beautiful home, especially the photo from the front door. LOVE the curvy staircase!
Elle*Bee said…
Congrats on the beautiful new home. It's too bad about the pine beetles. They're a big problem in my area this year. Last year, Hurricane Katrina knocked down 25-35% of the trees in our parish (in Louisiana, a 'parish' is the same thing as a 'county'.) This year, it's pine beetles. Glad you're getting settled in.

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