One porch light less of a full house??? what???

5 weird things about me....... I got tagged by YewYorkBabe to do a meme.........I LOVE being tagged (hinthinthinthint)

1. I think of a clock.....starting with September being at the 3 o'clock position and June being at the 6 o'clock position and Dec at 12 o'clock.....that's the best way I can describe it so I am moving anti clockwise in my head cuz Sept is month #1 to me, the beginning of my year.......weird I know but I literally see time this way.

2. I can say the alphabet backwards almost as fast as I can say it properly....... and no not cuz I am slow but I am must have sat at the back right hand corner of the classroom and read them from Z-A.

3. I repeat numbers in my head......this is bad but you know when you are standing in the check out lines and you have to give your phone number or zip code to the cashier? I will hear the people in front of me say theirs and immediately I start saying it over and over in my head as if to memorize it......don't know why? never called anyone.......just can't help it.

4. I eat all the food on my plate one thing at a that I mean if I have steak salad potatoes and broccoli all on my plate.......I will start with what I like in this case it would be broccoli (which I love just less than the other things) and I will eat it all, then I turn my plate so that the next thing I am going to eat is right in front of it all......then rotate my plate again.........I have NO idea how long I have been doing this but it recently got pointed out to me that I do it so now I am aware of it and it is strange when I go to try to break that routine........!!

5. I have a certain routine at night.........oh man I am seeing a pattern here and it is starting to freak me out!!!.........first I start getting undressed for bed.....when I am half undressed I brush me teeth........then I let the hot water run while I take my eye makeup off........then I wash my face and use my cleaners and various face wash stuff that I uh hem....rotate....oh my gosh I am scaring myself!!!........then when that is done and my face cloth is hanging to dry I go pee........then go straight to bed........if for some reason I do not go straight to bed.......I will have to go pee again.......even if I go pee right before I start with me teeth........I will have to do it again before I go to bed!!! ya don't know why just do.......even if I don't really have to go!! I was wondering about this the other night and was perplexed!!!

so there you have it my 5 weird things about meme...........hopefully I haven't totally freaked any of you completely out!! and you all still love me?! man I feel vulnerable right now!!

ok I tag

and if you haven't gone to support Ruth in getting 200 comments go there now!!

UPDATE at 8pm
J just got a call from the company that he is going to be working for (on the gas lines) and they told him that they are making him a foreman!! and they haven't even met him, that was just from his resume being sent up!!! talk about favor!!! so I just wanted to give Praise to God for that!


Ruth said…
I repeat things in my head too. Not numbers, but the way things are written. So if there is a sign that is handwritten, I will picture the letters in my mind over and over again...and I thought I was weird!!
Shash said…
I'm so bad at doing these things, I will sleep on it and write something in the morning.

I eat the same way you do so it's not weird - ditto for the pee thing.
Ruth said…
That is awesome about J's job!! Praising God with you!!
MugwumpMom said…
Rotating things huh? You what they say......actually, haven't a clue, but there must be something.

Congrats to J about the promo..and nice TV room!! Do you have cable or satelite? And are those granite countertops!!!?? Oh, I'm turning green...boohoo...
Anonymous said…
I see the months as a long strip. But they're in blocks like on a calendar. January would be all the way to the left, and December to the right. And in my head when i think of the months, they all have colors attatched,like September is red, I don't know why.

When I'm bored, I count in my head by 3's or 5's.

But I never thought of any of these as strange. Hm......very interesting.
theresa said…
I'm so excited about J's job promotion.

Thank you for playing along. You certainly have some interesting quirks....just kidding. I repeat numbers in my head too, but after a few minutes they disappear.
mommaobrienx7 said…
I love your list! It's always fun to do those from time to time.

Congratulations on the good news and yes, Praise God!
mom of 2 said…
Ok...we are waaaaay too much's starting to get scary!! Thanks for the tag...I'll post mine tomorrow!
redheads said…
Thanks for the challenge I will rise up and meet it though it may take me a while.

Also God is GOOD! I am so happy to hear about J and the job... now all we have to do is believe that my J will also get and job and have favor.
Heidi said…
It's funny to read people's quirks and things....I don't feel like the only one weird! LOL I repeat a sentence I just heard if I'm zoning while watching the news and day dreaming I'll catch something important being said it will play over and over in my head until I'm ready to finally pay attention to it. ALmost like the information was being sent to 'temporary files' so I won't miss what was being said.
Heidi said…
And that is also cool you loved to be into makeup too! Maybe it's something you can start again when you find a church??
Shash said…
THERE! I did it finally!!! :-)

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