I can't believe they are asleep?

It's just a little past 8 pm right now and I cannot believe that the 3 little ones are ALL asleep! like I am so excited that I could high 5 myself!! seriously it's a miracle! I put them to bed 1 hour and 10 minutes early tonight because that's how far past bedtime they went to bed last night! my new rule, well one of them, is that how every long past their bedtime they DON"T stay in bed..... is how much earlier they have to go to bed the next night! I think Emily got it cuz she went to bed on time and stayed......Hailey........well bless her heart she is just a little more tenacious then the rest and will be going to bed 20 min early tomorrow night, but that is a huge improvement from last night! can you hear me giggling??? I am so happy!!

I also was thinking about what to do to get them motivated to work better together as a team and be obedient and Xangelle just posted about something she is doing that seems to be working to get her kids to do the same. I think it is a great idea but I am altering it a bit as I don't soley want to be using Sundae's as the reward..... only because I have discovered that I use food as a way to reward myself and that just adds to well.....to my thighs cuz by "food" I mean chocolate! I didn't do that as a kid or teenager, I started rewarding myself when I FINALLY would get the kids to bed, my biggest struggle, and upon succession I would have some chocolate of any form......so I don't want to install that into my kids. So what I came up with, which I am sure many of you do, I think Ruth does something like this, putting different rewards into a hat/jar/whatever and when they reach the point goal they get to pick something out of the reward hat. The rewards could be a sundae or a spa time with mom, a bath in the jacuzzi tub, getting to pick the next rental video, stuff like that. I still haven't worked out all the details of the point system but basically they earn points for working together and good behavior and loose points for the opposite. I may work on something like that for them individually as well and make some of those rewards money, that way it is not just an allowance. So I need to get a couple of white boards and then HIDE the pens so they cannot altar the points..... something I would have done when I was younger....gee....and I wonder why they are such stinkers!!! hehe

I am also feeling a bit better today, I haven't really given in to how I am feeling. I can't. There is no back up!! so I have to keep going! Once in a while my ears throat and eyes really start hurting but I just keep going! and drinking water, thanks Cheryl...... been talking to my mother recently??? that is her cure for just about everything!! but she is probably right! love you mommy!! I bought a water jug from Wallmart that measures out your 8 glasses of water a day 2.2 liters to be exact. So I filled it up this afternoon and drank the whole thing! I was really proud of myself........peeing a lot but happy that I am doing something healthy for me! I would like to gradually increase it to 2 bottles a day!

I made a creative leftover tonight that I thought was pretty cool so thought I would share.....hey I have no "adult" to converse with at nights right now so my dailey word limit is coming out here!! enjoy!!..... I made spaghetti last night and had about a cereal bowl left over. Not enough to make spaghetti soup out of or anything else........or so I thought! I took some tortillas out of the freezer and defrosted them.......yes you are getting the long version!!....... and heated up the little bit of sauce on the stove, had Morgan grate some cheese, cut up a tomato and then added a bit of the sauce and tomato to each tortilla, sprinkled it with cheese, folded it, sprinkled some more on top and then baked them on tin foil in the oven at 300 for about 15-20 minutes. I cut them up in wedges and had them with bagged salad that I added a cucumber and avocado too, and whala.....I had a delicious dinner and for little $$$ and the kids LOVED it! they ate SO much I was surprised. I thought once they realized the sauce was spaghetti they would be like ewwww moooommm.....but no they gobbled it up! then while they were cleaning up after dinner, I made 4 doz chocolate chip banana muffins........yummmmm yummmm I found my grandma's recipe and really they are THE BEST! so I have "nut free" snacks to send to school for the girls!

Today I also went to town and signed the completion papers for the purchase of the house, after a scare on Friday it was good to get the phone call saying all is registered and we are officially the owners!! Hurrah..... we did things a little backwards and were able to move in before completion! which was amazing! So YEAH God is good........all the time!!!

Also today I have been thinking about 911 as I am sure most of us are. The whole event still boggles my mind that it was even pulled off and saddens my heart for all the brave ones that sacrificed their lives to help others. I know it is an old cliche but so true here........ so many innocent people died......but it could NOT kill the American's Spirit and it is so neat to see them rebuilding. As a Canadian I consider myself American too, we are all on the same great Continent of North America and it is a place we are blessed to live and an honor to defend. So to my fellow Americans God is with You, may He give you peace and all eyes turn to Him!


MugwumpMom said…
Great idea about the going to bed early in conjunction with how late they stayed up the night before! And the leftover spagetti thing sounds yummy..I'll have to note that one. Lori makes soup with her left spaghetti.
Hope you have a great Tuesday
Ruth said…
Hey, I think it is a great idea to put the kids to bed later. That is awesome...I would love a recipe for leftover spaghetti soup!!
mom of 2 said…
That's a great idea for the spaghetti sauce! Sometimes I'll thin the sauce out a little and spread it on sliced french bread and top w/ mozarella for little french bread pizzas.

I also like the bedtime idea!! I'll have to try that one!!
redheads said…
Dinner wounded yummy! Glad to hear that you are feeling better, Jordan and I are also fighting colds so cheers to the lots of water we are drinking.

We have also started the same idea with bed but for the most part they are good at getting there on time unless we are out and through things off schedule.

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