Help I've a headache and I don't know what to do....

J has been gone for not even 48 hours and the kids have given me such a HUGE headache...... I really don't know what to do?

They are fighting like crazy.

Being completely disobedient.

Not listening.

Arguing with me constantly.

Fighting with each other.

Screaming and hitting each other.

Have I mentioned fighting yet???

I am at a loss......... my throat is sore from yelling....and the climate change here is dryer and so my nose and throat are so dry.........I know I sound like I am whining and not grateful......I am extremely grateful to be here........just not sure if I like the idea of me being here by myself!!! J is not sure when he will be back yet. He has a meeting tomorrow at 10 am with someone very interested in buying the business........please pray, we would really love it to sell so we can not have any obligations on the coast anymore. Also pray for us as we complete on Monday, we were able to do things backwards and have possession before completion which is SO rare and was such a huge blessing! our lawyers have made a HUGE mistake and so they are under a bit of a crunch and we just need peace that they will get it done in time.

I have been unpacking boxes all day and set up the girls bunk beds by myself. It feels good to make the house more a home and put things where I want them. I would like to try to have most of it done before J gets back. Maybe I am adding too much pressure to myself? I signed our family for membership at the YMCA. With that we get 3 free core sessions each so so far I signed H up for Ice Skating lessons and E for Highland dancing. I figure between those 2 days and me going to the gym and Foo to preschool that that will be enough running around!!

I am going to try a church out tomorrow, I will let you know how it goes! I hope it doesn't take long to find that family I am so used to having! Well there are my ramblings for today! oh and E and H rode our neighbors quads on Wednesday when they had us over for dinner (which was so great) and they both wiped out on the really wiped out! Em's elbow is literally black from the scratches and I have had a heck of a time getting the dirt out! she got it on her back, elbow and ankles. H got it on her elbows hand and knee...............just brutal! so we are thinking of waiting a year before we get them quads!! the one Em was on flipped with her still holding on and then rolled over her. Mind you they have governors you can put on them so they don't go so fast! and of course once our girls felt even remotely comfortable they tried to ride them full tilt......apparently fear is not a factor for them!

thanks for listening to my rantings!!! any suggestions for the fighting and creative and effective punishments would be greatly appreciated!


Amber said…
Believe me, I'm suffering through most of those situations on a daily basis with my toddler these days. Hang in there and I hope church goes well!
Looney Mom said…
Well I guess I'm not the only one who loses her voice due to yelling and screaming to no avail at bratty obnoxious children!! So sorry. I feel your pain! Ducktape works well! HA HA -- just kidding!!!!

Poor sweeties getting all banged up! I do hope you get some peace and quiet soon!
cheryl said…
Hey you are a great person and are going to find the church God wants to set you into a family where you will be accepted and loved.

Enjoy it and drink lots of water I heard helps.
MugwumpMom said…
Heh you!!!! I'm so glad you're back online..I've missed you. You'll have to send me your email new one is

The house sounds absolutely amazing..I'm ten shades of green with envy!!! And so so so happy for you. I'm cartwheeling and jumping jacks, grinning from ear to ear, and really have a strong desire and need to shout "na na na na boo boo!!!!" to all the naysayers...(you know the ones... who grumbled about you leaving) but I won't.

Call me collect anytime you feel like talking, venting, or get lonely, cause even though this is an adventure for you, there still may be some growing pains and I'm here for you Lala...

Love you tons...and miss you tons.
Xangelle said…
Follow Through!

I'd say find something that each of them like a lot, tell tham that if they don't listen or obey or whatever that they will lose it or the priviledges that go with whatever "it" is. Then you HAVE to follow through! If you are a hard ass about it for 2 weeks - you will be blown away at the difference! You can do anything for two weeks - it's not that long, and by the end of the two weeks things will already be in motion, and it'll be WAY easier to just keep it going!

That would be my advice, just in case you wanted it!
theresa said…
I'm so excited for you. Sorry you are having a hard time with the kids....I used to have a rule, and I guess I still do, that no one screams or yells unless there is a fire in the house. I would have lots of family meetings to work out any problems and the kids would decide which punishment would go with what offense if it happened again. They hated family meetings! I would tell them how difficult it is for me when they didn't listen and how much I love them and want a peaceful household and how I have more time to spend with them doing fun things if they picked up after themselves....stuff like that. It worked because they always talk out their problems, even as adults, with each other. And whenever I made a mistake, I would bring it to their attention that even moms make mistakes.
Have a blessed Sunday.
ErinOrtlund said…
Thanks for posting on my blog! E-mail me at to talk about Likoni.


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