what language was that???

We are staying at our friends house right now, thank goodness for generous friends!! and we have found another house we really like and are making an offer on it tonight so............I will keep you posted and thanks AGAIN for all your prayers! this really has been ummmm interesting. hard. brutal and a learning experience...... I think I could write a book!!

Faith has been carrying her toothbrush with her wherever we go cuz she says "I don no if we's goin bat"....poor thing, she has been a bit out of sorts and clingy. She stayed at different places each night all weekend but we are at our friends now until we move so she should get more settled.


I was driving around today and Hailey was sitting in the back seat making all sorts of strange and I have to say annoying noises and she just wouldn't stop and finally I yelled, I mean nicely and lovingly said...."please stop making those noises"........ and she says

"what? I am just speaking whale!"

oh man she is too funny and had me cracking up! she has a really great sense of humor!


Ruth said…
Ha, she should look for a role in Finding Nemo 2!! I am happy that you have a good place to stay and we are still praying here too!!
mom of 2 said…
Oh, that is hilarious about your daughter speaking whale!! What a great imaginaItion!

I'm glad you guys have a place to stay and hopefully you will be able to get this new place!!! Continued prayers for you and your family!!
Shash said…
Too much time spent watching "Finding Nemo" eh?! I was speaking whale just the other day... too bad there's no ocean is sight for me though!!! ;-) Kid's don't take well to change - I know - but they bounce back quickly!! When we first moved, Liam would scream everytime we drove up to this house, this WAS NOT his house. It took him a while and yes our circumstances were odd and not helpful but he's calming down now and getting used to it all.
MugwumpMom said…
Where is the house you made an offer on? Did you go up to PG today? or offer via the MLS? Come on, tell me tell me tell me!
utmommy said…
I wonder where kids come up with the things they do. They are so cute!
Looney Mom said…
Oh that Dory cracks me up - I love that movie! Sometimes you just have to laugh!
Nikkie said…
Kids crack me up, you can never predict what they're going to say next!

Still hoping for you guys!
Elle*Bee said…
Ah, my 4 yr old speaks whale. He also gave up fishsticks b/c "fish are friends, not food."

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