we are officially homeless

well we are all moved out. J and I unloaded the last of our stuff and had the house empty by 11:30 this morning! Thankfully yesterday afternoon my dad came over and did ALL the cutting for our baseboards that we HAD to have finished.....talk about leaving things to the last minute!

so big thank you to papa and daddy for coming to our rescue.....J would have been up all night trying to get it done. It was such a blessing and we are truly thankful!!

and thank you to J and W who showed up in our final hours to help! they helped nail down the baseboards, J with installing the new dishwasher and take down our trampoline! so thank you thank you thank you! and thanks to Jon who came the day before and helped as well.

we picked up the dogs from the pound this afternoon, they felt sorry for us and so ONLY charged us $300...............not complaining. that is better than $500!!! so.....now we are at my sister in laws babysitting her 2 kids while her and her hubby are out for the anniversary, overnight. This is the nephew I babysat for a few days in July. He is 5 months and his big sister is 2 1/2....................he is usually a good baby but he is teething right now and is oh so grumpy and won't stop crying.....J and I are exhausted and don't know what else to do for him!!!

deep sigh

well he is crying so I better go get him

back he needed his diaper changed,,,,he has such a bad rash!!!

thank you to my mom who has the girls right now and probably over night!!! and to Jen who had the girls overnight last night! and to J and W for letting us stay with you for the next while! we love you guys!

what would I have done without support?! I was a bit of a mess yesterday, I cried almost all day, I never want to experience that again, it was emotional letdown for sure!

J is being cute, he is being SO helpful with the 2 little ones, I think he feels bad that he agreed to babysit the same day we moved!.........well we have been moving all week really.......and we are going to fly sometime early this week, we really want to be in our OWN home before school starts on Sept 5th.

thanks again for all your prayers, they are SO needed and appreciated!


Shash said…
Nothing like pressure to get things done!! Keep us posted on the house you find, we'll be praying for ya.
cara said…
wow, that stressed me out reading it. it sucks now, but you know you will laugh about all this later. and not the hysterical kind of laughter. henri and i are both thinking and praying that you will find a house that will leave the other two in the dust.
mom of 2 said…
I'll continue to keep you and your family in my prayers! I hope that you can find a house very soon and have some peace in your life!!!
Nikkie said…
I'm so sorry that you are having such a rough time right now! I hope you guys can find somewhere to live soon! I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts!
Amber said…
My heart goes out to you! We found ourselves homeless a couple of years ago when we sold our condo but our house wasn't finished being built. Fortunately, Jamie's family took us in but it's tough not having a place to call home!
holli said…
I'm so sorry things are stressful right now, but I'm so glad you have your family to help ease a little bit of the stress..

The home you're meant to have will show up - have Faith!! I know how stressful the house thing is, but you don't want to rush into the wrong one.. hang in there. HUGS!!
Elle*Bee said…
Sorry things didn't work out with the house, but I'm sure something better will come your way. It's tough when the Good Lord operates on his own timeframe and not ours, but hang in there. ;-)

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