Taking back control

I have to say that both J and I are feeling much better right now. All morning long we sat and waited in anticipation with stress levels all over the place, for the phone to ring.

It didn't.

The people did not even respond before the deadline. So we are moving on. It feels good actually, feels like we are in control again and I feel lighter then I have in a couple of days. So does J and that is good. He is going to fly up there next week and look at some more places. There are a couple listed that we are interested in and hopefully before he leaves there will be some more. At this point if the sellers of the log house come back we are prepared to offer them even less money! and we are in agreement with that! meanwhile we are looking else where and have renewed hope and trust that God is leading us to the right place!

I have had a few songs going thru my head that I have been singing. 1) How great is our God, sing with me how great is our God...... 2) Your Kingdom come Your Will be done in us (on earth but I always change the words!) as it is in Heaven....... 3) I will never be the same again....... 4) a song I learned when I was in YWAM in Kenya ..... me wayway too Buana me wayway too (means You only God You Only)...... 5) another one I learned in Kenya ..... Holy God make me Holy, Merciful God give me a merciful heart, Lover of Souls help me love them too, so I can be more like you...........
when I am feeling overwhelmed singing praise and worship songs lifts my spirits.

Thanks for all your encouragement and prayers, it is great knowing I have an International Support Group!!!

funny of the week: Faith comes to our room the other morning, knocks on the door (good girl :-) ) and says, "there noffin to eat for bweakfasd".....we say there is cereal, she says back "but onwee the cerweal wif no taste!" HUH????...... we only had plain cheerios's left, no more Honey Nut Cheerios and she has dubbed non-sugar cereal as "the cereal with no-taste" hahaha ok we have a sugar monger on our hands or what????

ok off to lunch for all you can eat sushi our favorite!! with our Pastors who we are going to miss SO MUCH!


mom of 2 said…
Glad you are feeling better!! I love that song How Great is our God, sing with me!!!! We sang that last week...love it!

That's cute about the cereal! My son is about to go to kindergarten and he still says his "l" sound like a "w". It's just so cute!!
michelle said…
I am glad to hear that you have peace with the stressful situation. I pray that you get blessed with a beautiful place with everything you want!

i love to see praise songs! They are my favorite. I listen to them all the time.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad, everyone's glad!!LOL! Glad you're feeling better. My kid doesn't like the cereal with no taste either...but the baby eats those plain cheerios up!
MugwumpMom said…
Right on. You'll not be disappointed!
Looney Mom said…
You know that God has something even BETTER for you now! That's exciting!

BTW, I LOVE Cheerios!
Yellow Mama said…
Thanks for the songs...A very good reminder this am as I am VARY, VARY pooped.

The cheerios thing sound like our kids and of course when the fridge is bulging and the pantry is full..."there's nothing to eat".
Shash said…
I think Rena said something like this a while ago and it seems to fit, "let it go and if it comes back to you than it was yours to keep", Nothing is impossible for God - just look at our church building, they sellers actually sold it to someone else after verbally selling it to us but we are the ones who ended up with it! Can Auntie M look for you guys in the meantime?
Morning Glory said…
Blessings on you as you go forward in your search again. You know God cares deeply and will direct you to the right place, if your eyes and heart are open and objective.
Anonymous said…
Glad that you feel back in control. The cereal comment is just funny. My little B (4year old) recently threw up because I encouraged her to eat a raw tomato (which she had decided she didn't like), so little L (2year old) joined in (little copy-cat). I couldn't get the smell out of the carpet for days! Oh dear!

I hope you find the house of your dreams. Blessings.

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