One Last Day

Today is the last day, well sort of, we have to be out by noon tomorrow! we are almost done, just a few big things left and then I have to finish the kitchen and the clothes and then my precious computer!!!

All our utilities get cut off today too. So I might not be able to check my bloggers until sometime early next week. :-(

We had some friends come over last night and we had an impromptu party, I am going to miss having that and know that after a bit of time we will make friends up North. But I will miss these friends and hope they come to visit sometime! With the few crazy last days we have been having we really needed to sit back and unwind and so we did! J and I were fighting yesterday, just the stress getting to us. We are fine now and we both now are emotions are heightened right now. After hearing about the dogs, I cried for longer than I have cried for a while. J hugged me and said, you almost had enough yet.......yup......just enough to keep going to do what we have to do and then tomorrow after we are all moved out and the house is cleaned for it's new owners, then I am sure we will crash......totally relax for the next 2 weeks.

This really has been the most stressful move we have ever made. It is our 3rd move in our 11 years of marriage. Being that we are moving so far away is probably the reason for that! We haven't heard anything about the house yet and until 6 pm tonight, no news is good news! I will see if I can quickly post about whether we get the house or not.

Man the sun is just finishing rising here and it is beaming thru my windows and it is all that glowing orange/yellow and it is absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful day! So today I am thankful for the sunshine, thankful that God is our Provider and will provide for us a home, thankful that my silly dogs are home safe and sound and ...... cheaply......., thankful that we have places to stay for the next 2 weeks, thankful that J has a job waiting for him up North, thankful that we have so many wonderful friends who support us, thankful for our families who we love and cherish, thankful for our children who are up for this adventure of moving so far away (with mild exceptions with my 12 year old!! but she is becoming more excited as the time passes) , thankful for our health, thankful for this opportunity to have an adventure and own a hobby farm, just thankful for so many things!


mom of 2 said…
Sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for!! I hope your move and all that it entails goes smoothly!!
Morning Glory said…
I hope the next phase goes smoothly and you're able to relax a little. What a wonderful list of "thankfulness".
Shash said…
Where are you staying for the next 2 weeks? I'll give you a shout before your phone gets cut. Keep me informed on what's going on... especially if you can't blog! ;-) I love ya lots!
utmommy said…
Good luck with the move! Hope it goes smoothly!
Elle*Bee said…
I hope your move goes smoothly and that you'll settle where you can catch up on your rest.
Anonymous said…
Where are you staying until you get a house???

oh, and I'm glad you have your dogs back. I was just telling my husband about it all yesterday. Yes, I talk to my hubby about eveyone's blogs. At first he would laugh at me, but now he's just used to's like I'm just talking about what goes on in my "friends" lives :)

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