My baby is back

Emily came home yesterday right before our going away party. It was so good to see her and after almost 2 weeks.........I cried hugging her! her and her cousin Q had such a great time, it was so cute listening to them talk over each other about 500 miles per minute telling us of all the rides they went on and all the things they saw and did. They spent 2 days in Disneyland, 1 day in Universal Studios and 1 day in Knotts Berry Farm. They so had a blast going on all the rides.

Emily is quite a bit taller than Q and he didn't quite reach the min height requirements. That upset him, of course, and so my dad had a great idea. He put extra soles in his shoes to make him taller!! and that little bit made him squeak over the min. height! I was impressed he thought about doing that.

What a great trip to have with your granparents, really bonding and getting to know each other and making wonderful memories!

Last night we had our going away party! J bought a $120 prime rib! and we cooked a turkey too. We had everyone else bring salads and desserts. It was a great spread! and it was so nice to visit with our family like that and say good bye, well actually till next time cuz it is not like we will not see anyone again! Just fewer and farther in between. My parents had let us use their restaurants patio and it could not have been more perfect! Everyone had a great time. It was just a great evening.

We had a lot of proposals for places to stay for the next 2 weeks, in between having to be out of here on Sat and moving to our new place on Sept least we hope that is what is going to happen. Today we are hoping to remove our subjects thus invoking the time clause to the other people and hopefully it will all work out to be ours.

So today I am busy on the phone and going to the post office to have our mail forwarded and all that fun stuff.

side note: my 12 1/2 year old wants to have a blog. I know there are some kids who have blogs at her age and some even younger. J is pretty against it and even questions the whole blog world all together as a potentially dangerous place. He also thinks it could become a place for women (I know men blog too, I just happen to have almost all female blogger friends) to start "man hating" hehe or bashing you know stuff like that. He would never be ok with me talking about him in details or our fights or anything too personal. I have friends and family that read this blog and he would just be not comfortable with that kind of stuff laid out for all to read. I respect that and so have always kept how he feels in mind while I post.
Now my oldest wants a blog and I don't know if it is that big of a deal for her to have one? I would have to edit her drafts before she published to make sure she didn't say anything too revealing about where we live and all that stuff. In this day and age it is just scarier raising children then it was when I was growing up. So I don't know what to do? I know that if I felt comfortable with it then I could convince J into it too BUT it is the right thing to do? letting a child post her thoughts and about her life for the whole world to see??? are we being too protective? and making a bigger deal about this than we should? I don't know?? she is begging me to have one, like I said she has friends who have one and they are younger than her!!

any thoughts on this???


Shash said…
I was watching Dateline or 20/20 the other night and the reporter gave the example of how quick it was for someone to find the exact location of a teen girl. It took him - from the first google moment... to find a photo of her, her city and the high school name she attended.... she even listed her IM name and they were chatting by the time 2 1/2 minutes were up... He said it was too easy for find these girls.
Jessica said…
Well my Breann (she is five) has a little section on my site and so does my son Troy (3)...they draw pictures and I put those up on the site, etc., but as for blogging itself they haven't stepped into that world yet!
mom of 2 said…
Sounds like you had a great going away party...that is awesome! The food sounded yummy, too!!

As for your daughter blogging, I don't have answers. My hubby won't let me post pictures that reveal too much on my blog. I don't think that he would be willing to let our daughter have a blog. My hubby and I both experienced more than we should have in our pre-teen and teenage years. Between the 2 of us we have pretty much done it all and by the grace of God we lived through it and turned into well adjusted adults. I think because of how we grew up we are more protective of our kids and less willing to let them do things that other kids are allowed to do. Sometimes it is hard, but we have to do what feels right to us. Like last year our daughter got invited to a slumber party and I really didn't know the parents very well. I allowed her to go, but not to spend the night. I picked her up about 10:30 and she was so glad that she wasn't staying. Evidently the dad had been walking around in only his underwear, no shirt even, during the course of the evening. I can't imagine any scenario (other than a fire during the night) where a dad should be walking around the house in his underwear during an 8 year old girls slumber party. We were glad we stuck with what we felt was right.

sorry...I didn't mean to write a book on your comments!! :)
Ruth said…
My kids have blogs but haven't posted on it in a while. Computer time is rare for them. My 11 year old had a blog first through the MSN spaces and in order for family to read it we made it public, but I totally monitor everything. He had some kid, so we thought, add him to his list of contacts. We allowed him, cause I was not sure if he had given out his msn name but I checked email and who he was talking to. This "kid" in grade 3 or 4 or whatever he said, ended up sending all kinds of porn links to his email. We blocked him and are closing down the blog account too. A little too much info there but we are being much more careful now...
And yay for the kids being home. Sounds like they had a good time and your party sounded great too!
Amber said…
A $120 prime rib? I want to go to YOUR parties! No crappy hot dogs like we got at our last one. :-)
Lala's world said…
Hey Amber, ya my hubby is a generous man and his motto is go big or go home and the bigger the better and less is not more..more is more!! was the yummiest prime rib ever too!!
MugwumpMom said…
That was fun last night.
Re, kids gut says no, she's too young and given her previous issues with the computer...well, you fill in the blanks...and then there's the whole dad doesn't like it thing, so that needs to be respected.
My two cents worth..
Have a good day.
Elle*Bee said…
Re: the blog. That's a very tough call. I personally would stay away from MySpace (no offense to MySpace users) - there's way too much traffic over there for a new blogger, y'know? I would ask for more info. What does she plan to blog? A personal online diary? A collection of fun links, memes, jokes, quotes? A photo diary? Whatever you decide, I would absolutely establish ground rules: must be on blogger, with you having admin rights (so you can edit, delete, etc.), no anonymous comments, word verification 'on' (decreases spam), no using real names, no identifying your home town, school, etc. And I'd probably make her tagline, "Don't say anything you don't want her mama hearing, because Mama reads this!" (In other words, take all the fun out of it. Kidding, sort of, but it did come out that way.)
Shash said…
I forgot to mention that since the TV program, I was thinking of shutting Q's blog down. He doesn't need it. My family can get up to date info on him through my site.
Hi Lisa,

Ask her *why* she wants a blog. Maybe there is another way she can fulfill the reason.

If it's because her friends have one, then perhaps that will pass?

If it's because she wants to write about her life (self expression, etc), then perhaps introduce her to journaling or a diary? (With a lock/key that is all her own -- she has sisters, but make your own secret copy first. haha.)

At this point in time, if I had a daughter who wanted to blog publicly I would say no. While I don't pretend that the big bad world does not exist, I do know how easy it is to find anyone on the net.

If you do let her blog, then never ever allow her to post without proofing it first, and always make sure she never ever reveals any real information about her name/location or her friends.

I don't know her personality, but one thing to consider is that if she has her heart set on blogging.. she may do it regardless of your opinion. In this case, it might be better to allow her a blog which you can control rather then a secret blog you find out about from the police (or RCMP since you're moving to the middle of nowhere.)

Hope that helps. :)
Anonymous said…
Prime rib...yum!
My 9 year old has a blog. She has a fake name on it, and our town is not listed. She does have a pic of her for her profile though. she's only written like 3 posts. She only writes about a paragraph and then she's bored. I think it's harmless if they aren't putting out any real info.
Shash said…
If you can upload the picture of their trip I'll link a post to yours. I can't upload plus the ones Dad sent me are so small it's hard to see anything.

I can't wait until he gets home!!!
LynAnne said…
What a cleaver way to get around the height limit!

On your daughter's blog, I'd agree with the others that I probably would be very hesistant to let my own child have a blog. But, since my oldest is only 9 1/2, I guess I'm probably not the best person to advise.

You might ask your daughter to show you the the blogs of her friends. Sometimes "everyone else is doing it" is one person who's parents let run a little wild. If you do decide to let you daughter have a blog, it might be a good way to help her learn safe online behaviors before she gets to be a hard-headed teenager.

I'd still be a little worried though. There are so many ways to identify how old someone is or where they live. Refering to innocent things like local events or even the weather can give too much away over time.
Glo said…
Prime Rib.Love it hope I get to come to one of your parties one of these times. 12 1/2 is I think to young for Blog.....This is why I didn't put any jucey details about the party on mine. Didn't say I didn't tell. I have Charla and Courtney's e-mail addresses.....And it was a very jucie evening, 7 women talking about anything and everything and I do mean everything and pics can't forget we took pics...........I may blush when I see their hubby's.
Xangelle said…
Is this all my fault? Sorry if it is! We did it to encourage our daughter to write. She's not totally interested, and writes nothing of consequence, and hardly ever.

I guess I'm not concerned 'cause it's not an issue for her. If she really wanted to be blogging then I might wonder why it was such an issue. we do moderate what goes on to it, and all comments have to be approved by me before they are allowed up.
It helps that the computer is right in our kitchen - way easier to monitor!

Sorry if we've added to the mess!

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