Lala's movie reviews

We have been watching a lot of movies lately. Well we actually are huge movie buffs and watch a lot of movies anyways but lately with all the extra stress going on we have been watching more just as a way of escape and getting our minds off things.

I thought I should post about something else cuz all this talk about houses and moving reminds me of the knock knock joke ..... knock knock..... who's there? banana.... banana who?..... knock knock.... who's there?.... banana..... banana who?..... knock knock......who's there?.... banana..... banana who?..... knock knock............ who's there?....... who? you glad I didn't say banana again??!! ha....stupid I know but that is how I feel my blog is going!

so here are the movies I have watched lately and my little humble opinion about them (cuz you gots to know I have an opinion on EVERYTHING!!)

at movie theaters :

Talladega Nights the ballad of Ricky Bobby starring Will Ferrell - well we are pretty big Will Ferrell fans and most SNL movies. This one however was a bit disappointing. While I wouldn't call it a complete waste of time or brain cells..... I wouldn't see it again and glad we went to the matinee thus spending less mula then seeing it at night. There were a few good laughs but not the side griping rolling in the aisles that we were hoping for. Usually when Will is being interviewed J and I are doing just that. So I would suggest for this one waiting till it comes on video when you are in the mood to just turn the brain off!!

Monster House , we took the kids to see this and we had to take our 4 year old out and J took her into see the rest of Ant Bully, which J said was LAME..... Monster house was good, but definitely not for the younger crowd as my 6 year old was also watching thru her fingers! I was surprised that she found it that scary as she has watched Pirates of the Caribbean.... the first one, not the second one which I found scarier than the first. The animation was great and although some humor was thankfully over their heads it was entertaining. I probably wouldn't buy this one though.

the kids went to see Barnyard while J and I watched Talladega and they LOVED it. Morgan who is 12 1/2 said it was almost as good as Over the Hedge which is a MUST SEE and by far the best animated movie ever made so far. The girls were saying one liners from the movie all night and Faith, my 4 year old, also loved it. They want us to buy it when it comes out on DVD.

rentals worth renting:

the world's fastest Indian starring Anthony Hopkins, Plot Outline: The life story of New Zealander Burt Munro, who spent years building a 1920 Indian motorcycle -- a bike which helped him set the land-speed world record at Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats in 1967. It was SO good and I highly recommend it! What a story about following your dreams no matter your age or what obstacles are in your way, really inspiring.

Off the map starring Sam Elliot and Joan Allen. This movie was great! if you or someone you love has ever struggled with depression this movie gives a good insight what it was like for a 12 year old daughter living in her dad's chemical depression. Both J and I thought it was a fantastic story.

She's the Man starring Amanda Bynes, this was a great movie for Morgan. With a few exceptions of maybe too grown up moments thrown in but overall a really funny movie that I enjoyed watching with her! Amanda's movies are usually quite tame and I love her as a role model for my girls as she has chosen to be normal and not entered the world of dieting and partying as the likes of Lindsey Lohan or Hillary Duff!

V for Vandetta starring Natalie Portman and Stephen Rea, this was a great movie. Although some more view as controversial and may not be your political views or moral stand points, the action and acting were fantastic. The visuals great and I found the story gripping. If you like Action/comic type characters this is right up there. Better than Superman and Spiderman storyboard wise I don't think you would be disappointed.

well that's enough for now...... going to go to some friends house for the afternoon, which is great to keep our minds off the fact that we move in 11 days and still have no home to go too!!


Amber said…
That was a great read, especially since we haven't been able to watch much these days! We did go see Pirate of the Caribbean last week but were disappointed...way too long and were kinda ticked about the ending. Obviously we're the only ones who think so because it's made oodles of money!!
MugwumpMom said…
Kel and I watched V last night, and thoroughly loved it. It's political but I think it is a great demonstration of what fanatical belief systems can do, and grace and freedom, even if it's freedom that leads to sin versus law and the hateful kind of intolerance that also leads to sin. Other than the blood, I would have no problem recommending this movie to Christians.
Elle*Bee said…
I hardly ever get to the movies, but I enjoyed your list!
Reel Fanatic said…
I somehow managed to see "Off the Map" during its short theater run, and I have to agree with you .. it really was just a fantastic little movie about living life at your own pace
Looney Mom said…
I'm not a big movie go-er; not sure why - too expensive I guess. We do netflix though... I'll have to check some of these out if/when they're on DVD.

Knock knock... hee hee!
mom of 2 said…
That is my favorite knock knock joke of all time! Although, I admit I'm a terible joke teller and every time I tell it I start off with orange instead of banana and totally mess it up!

I love Will Ferrell movies, too, but we rarely see movies till they come out on video so I'm sure we'll wait on that one too.

We also LOVED Over the Hedge! I thought that was one of the best kids movies I've ever seen!!! We don't usually expect much from kids movies but I actually laughed outloud quite a few times during that movie. We loved Hammy! I'll be buying that one!
Anonymous said…
The Ant Bully isn't good? How dissapointing!!! I want to see that one!! Maybe I will anyway. I definatly want to see over the hedge...that one looks great! My daughter isn't allowed to watch any pg-13 movies...but we caved and let my parents take her to see Pirates of the Carrabean 2. She was soo scared!! She said now she knows why we don't let her see them. So, she thinks we're smart now!!!
Morning Glory said…
We really enjoyed "Over the Hedge".
Anonymous said…
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Lala's world said…
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me confused

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