I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again

oh actually that should read J's left on a jet plane....and I will be picking him up later tonight! haha
I had to take him to the airport extra early this morning because of the terrorist threat that happened in London. He didn't need to take any baggage with him because he is just gone up for the day. What a crazy world we live in now and I can't help but wonder........ "Lord? You coming soon? is this what all this craziness is? wars and rumors of wars?".... I don't know but I keep checking the sky!!

I had a little bit of an interesting visit yesterday from the people that bought our house. He just showed up at the door.....looking a little haggard and stressed out...... he asked if we would consider an extension........ they still have not sold their townhouse and are freaking out......... we close on the 18th. He talked my ear off about what they are going through, I actually feel sorry for them. He said his lawyer, real estate agent and mortgage broker are ALL on holidays and they are not eating and not sleeping. I told him that J was flying today to look at places and that we should know more today. I said that I wasn't sure about an extension (we can't cuz we have scheduled to make some major payments that day and I don't think they will be happy to hear that it will take longer!!) but I did tell him that we were thinking about asking them if they hadn't sold, if we could rent the house back from them until we are ready to move into our new place! which will hopefully be before school starts. He said he felt better after talking to me and is going to come back sometime today to see if we have found a place and dates ext... and I thought we have been going thru stress....... I felt bad for him. So today I am also praying for these guys to have peace and to sell their place quickly and that everything will fall into place for them too. They also want to be in this house before their kids go back to school. If we do rent from them it will save us having to move our stuff up North and into storage then rent a truck again to move it into our house! We also can spend more time with family and friends and gives J more time to sell his business. So this might just work out for the best!!

Contest Winner: well it wasn't much of a contest, guess all us mummies are pretty good at reading "creative writings" but mom of 2, was the fastest to reply and so I am writing a little blurb about her and encourage you to check her out! She has great taste in children's names, well I think so since we both have daughters named Emily!! She is pretty new to the blogging world and so far so good! She has lots of insight mixed in with humor and an obvious love for her family! what more can you look for in a good blog??? So go check her out, leave her a comment and make her day!

ok well I am off to make phone calls cuz I am trying to organize our going away party....which we just might not be going away so soon?!.... and then I really need to do some laundry and I am going to take the girls to IKEA cuz it is close to the airport and if I go too late I will hit major traffic going thru the Massey Tunnel and Vancouver traffic SUCKS! we have a lousy highway system out here.

I will post later if J makes an offer on anything. I am really hoping he does specially the one on 16 acres with the really nice house and new barn and fencing!!

oh and to answer your question mugwumpmom on your last comment...... yes I knit but mostly crochet!! who knew I was so multi talented eh?!! well I did of course....hehe


Shash said…
Mugwumpmom - you should ask her to make you a scarf! I love mine!!

I hope breakthrough happens soon, sitting in limbo sucks - we've been there!!
mom of 2 said…
Thanks so much for the kind words...so sweet!!!

Those poor people! Buying and selling a house can be pure torture! You'll have to let us know if J found anything!!
Shash said…
so... any news yet?!
KristieSue said…
That's funny that you said you keep "watching the sky" I was doing that all day today! I am ready and I just pray God doesn't let things get too bad before he decides enough is enough. Times like these scare me so bad especially now that I have children :(

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