Going one step too far

J was so excited cuz yesterday he found some more houses, for sale by owner, that he really liked and was just encouraged that there are more properties out there. He called our realtor to tell her to add them to the list of places he is going to see when he goes up there next week. She tells him a little bit about one of them and then she says, "I heard back from the sellers of the log house but I have a client in my car so I will call you back later"...........J was like oh man.... the suspense....... wondering where these guys are at............. well it wasn't what he was expecting to hear that's for sure!!!

They have contacted a lawyer and are trying to legally make us buy the house because one of the subjects according to them was that we acquire fire/house insurance. We CAN get insurance and so they are saying legally we have to buy the house now. Our realtor said NO, the subject was that they acquire insurance that they are satisfied with............. and they were not satisfied with the price that they were given! bottom line. They are fighting it. The manager of the real estate company said we have nothing to worry about, they don't have a leg to stand on. However, I find it disturbing that these people have actually gone to a lawyer at all!!! I really can hardly believe these people, I realize they are NOW desperate to sell their home, but why not drop your price first??? before going to lawyers which will just cost you more money??? seriously these people are not normal and maybe not all that bright! I really never saw this coming.... who would..... and now what???

J is unsure if he should fly up there now with all this hanging over our heads. He still really likes the log home and if they drop the price he will want to buy it anyways. Me, well I am SO put off by these people that it is making it hard for me to see straight. When we started talking about moving up there we didn't want to settle or compromise about what we wanted. So by looking at other houses are we doing that? I don't feel we are because I have learned how much I want to move up there thru this whole process. It has become about more then just getting a log house to me.

So now are we compromising by going to a house that may be a little bit smaller than our house, something we said we wouldn't do? by buying a place that is not set up for horses, something we said we wouldn't do? by not buying a log house, something that we were determined to do? I guess I feel a little all over the place, I just want a home!

It just feels really surreal. We are not totally in agreement about this log house right now BUT we don't even know what these people are going to do next. Trying to force us to buy the house is one step too far and I don't want to buy it just due to that! J is mad, don't get me wrong, but he still loves the house and the property. He loves it more than what these people are trying to do. We do both realize though that they may never drop their price and at least we agree on not paying what our last offer was, due to finding out the cost of the house/fire insurance.

oh man the saga continues............and we move in 2 weeks today! the flooring is being completed in our house today and I have slacked off on packing, something I really need to get going on!!


mom of 2 said…
That is truly unbelievable! Those people must be totally insane!! I've never heard of suing over that befoe. I hope however it works out is you and your family want!!
theresa said…
I'm so glad your having a good time reading about my misery, LOL.

Trust that you are going to be in the right house soon and that all will go smoothly. And stay away from daiquiris!
Pajamas said…
Be VERY careful Lala!! These people are showing you their true colors - they are NUTS! they are also desperate - you and J need to take a step back and ask yourself WHY are they so desperate to sell, that they'd go to a lawyer to MAKE you buy the house. I smell a TRAP - so be careful.. The thought of a log house could be luring you into some deep waters that you're not ready for financially. The 'dream' of a log house could still come true..on your own land in a year or two...and it will be built properly with your needs in mind! Anyways..I know you keep saying you could build a house for what they're selling for - but where's GOD in that mindset?!! Just wondering...
Anonymous said…
OMGOSH! Iv'e never heard of anything like that before!! You're right, they can't be normal. something's not right upstairs with these people! They're going to sue you into buying their house?? I just can't believe it!I'll be praying for you.
michelle said…
I'm with you on this one they are not right in the head! My son once told me that he wasn't the sharpest knife in the box and I thought I would die laughing at him so hopes that puts a smile on your face

You and your family our in our prayers!
Morning Glory said…
That's just way too weird of them! If possible, maybe you want to step back, turn and run!
The Master said…
Seems strange. Any competant lawyer would have told their client to keep their mouth shut. So obviously someone told YOUR realtor, who told you.. so it sounds more like the sellers have merely threatened a lawsuit to scare you, or whatever.

Here's my advice:

Hire Jon to go up to PG and set their nice under-insured log cabin on fire.

Then when their lawyer comes demanding you buy the house.. you can of course do so.. AFTER their insurance rebuilds it for you.

I can't think of a better ending, complete with a little bit of irony and everything.


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