getting home sick

Of all the reasons I can think of "why" we have had to wait so much and had so many difficulties to finding a home, is that by waiting so long I am desperately longing for home. Home that is mine and I can get back into my routine, well what routine I keep that is, and just having my own home. That feeling is stronger than the homesick feelings I get when I think about being so far away from my mom and dad, being so far away from our friends and family.

I just can't wait to go home. I am starting to get really excited about putting my house together and decorating and filling all the sq feet and picking colors to paint cuz I do NOT like white walls!!! I LOVE color and my last houses have all had dark colors painted on at least a couple of walls!

I can't wait to make my new house our home. Have those feelings when you have been out all day that you cannot wait to go home and put your feet up........yes I am ready to go home, even though that means moving the 900 kms away and long white winters.

Tomorrow we get our last things done some running around and J has to go to ICBC (car insurance) cuz he got into an accident this morning in his truck. He is ok, thankfully. He was driving with about a ton of brick in his bed of his truck and some young kid cut him off right before the intersection and then the light changed to yellow so the car in front of him suddenly slammed on his brakes so J had too as well, and that made his ton of brick slam into the back of the truck smashing his back window and completely bending the crew cab of the truck. Moments like that you are thankful that there were no little girls sitting in the back seat!!!

Friday we move. I don't know what time we get our moving truck yet and that will determine what time we arrive cuz we still have to load it!! but we get the keys which is amazing cuz we don't complete for another 2 weeks! they are letting us move in early as the house is vacant right now! what a blessing is that! so the girls will be all ready for back to school on Tuesday! wow I cannot believe the summer is gone already!

I bought some Adventures in Odyssey today for the girls to listen to in the jeep for our 9 hour drive!!! yup but I don't care about the long drive cuz I just want to go home!


theresa said…
I'm so excited for you! I bet those 9 hours are going to fly by. Pictures, we want lots of pictures. Pictures of before, during and after......can't wait either.

Have a safe trip.
Heidi said…
You know - I have to say that I really enjoy reading your posts! I wish I had more time to actually comment and now I do. For one...congratulations on your new home! Lala, if anyone understands the agony of moving so far from family and friends it's me...and I'm across the country from Vernon. I still struggle to accept this is where I will remain, as long as my husband's career field demands it. I pray that your move is everything you hoped and when you get settled into your home that you make it a home you can call your own and look forward to puting your feet up! Home is the best word there is isn't it? Oh and you mentioned the PNE...I have so many wonderful memories of those times standing in line for the rides and eating everything there was offered. Thanks for sending me back in time! Oh! And about Days of Our've been watching it since I was 14 and Jen and Frankie were my absolute favorite! When they brought them back last year I was so elated but the new writer is writing them and Jack out of the show, along with Mimi, Phillip, (Shawn is being re-casted.. I loved Jason Cook who played him for years!)Austin and Carrie were also brought back this year, just to be written back off this fall. the only ones left I really care about are Sammy and Lucas thank God. Perhaps Shawn and Belle WILL end up back together since Phillip is leaving! Take care and all the best with your move, I'll drop by again soon!
shash said…
I know a really inexpensive interior decorator that's available.... (or at least a wanna-be one). I love paint too - it must have been our entire lives living in white walls - never being allowed colour. Have fun moving tomorrow. Talk to you soon, we're not home until Saturday afternoon from camping.
mom of 2 said…
I'm really so glad for you all!! I hope that your new home is all that you are dreaming of!! And I do want to see pictures!! I love dark paint too! Good luck on your move and let us know how it went when you get settled!!!
Glo said…
Well looks like we both alot of excitement going on in our life's. Hope everything goes well on your 9hr. drive. We'll keep you and your family in our prayers.
Your so blessed that J was not hurt.
Now you go girl and decorate your heart out......And pictures,don't forget pictures. Lots of color....Have a safe trip and God bless.
Nikkie said…
I hope that the move goes nice and smoothly so you can go make your house your home!
Yellow Mama said…
Thank the Lord. Make your hubby carry you across the threshold! Glad you are about to be settled in. May God bless your home!
Looney Mom said…
Oh it has been a long wait for you. It'll be "home" before you know it. I know what you mean about color; my walls are a deep red and a yellow/gold color - no white walls!!

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