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I can't believe there is so much going thru my head and yet I don't feel like I have anything worth while to say here! I have been busy packing and making lots of progress, we leave in 9 days! I can hardly believe it! Our flooring is done, something that we have wanted to do for years and now that it is done we are leaving!!! why does that always happen?? you get the house the way you like it then you sell!!!!???? we did this with our last house too!

J is going to fly up there soon and look at some more places. There is one in particular that I really like and I am praying that it is the one!! oh man I just want a home and know where the kids are going to go to school!!!

So what else to say when all I have is moving on my brain??

oh I know I will type in a letter my 6 year old printed the other day and see if any of you can actually read it!! hmmmm I can't really offer a prize but I will do a feature about does that sound? ok like you have a choice here!!

here is the letter exactly as she wrote it:

my faly

mommy is gud at nitin
dad is gud at firsin
emily is gud at dog thrani
morgan is gud at hors thranin
faithy is gud at wipin ha bu

and you get the advantage of not having all the "s" and some "g" the right way....they are backwards in her letter

the last line is tricky but oh so funny!!


mom of 2 said…
I think I got it!

All about my family
Mommy is good at knitting
Dad is good at fishing
Emily is good at dog training
Morgan is good at horse training
Faith is good at wiping her butt

How did I do???

I hope all works out with your move!!!!
Shash said…
I think I got it too but Mom of 2 beat me to it. Are we right?!
Lala's world said…
yes you are right! guess it wasn't that hard for us mommies to cipher children's writings after all!
Looney Mom said…
That's what I figured too. How funny (that last one)!
mom of 2 said…
My daughter started writing stuff at about 4 years old and she's 8 now, so I've plenty of years learning preschooler code!! The note is precious!!!
Cool Mama said…
Oh that is SO funny!! I loved it. Make sure you keep it and put it in her scrapbook, or babyalbum or something! That's the kind of note you read at their 16th birthday, their graduation and their wedding!
Elle*Bee said…
I thought the same as mom of 2. I guess kid-speak is a universal language?
KristieSue said…
hehe very cute letter

We have been working on our house for 6 long years... If we move as soon as it's finished I'm afraid I'll just die if we don't have a finished place to move too lol
Morning Glory said…
Even your blogger's block is enjoyable to read. Good luck with the house hunting.
Ruth said…
I am a bit late to decipher it...though I did understand it!! Definately a mommy thing!
MugwumpMom said…
you knit?

go figure.
Heidi said…
How cute is that! LOVE THE LETTER! Hope you find your home sweet home Lala! Looks like we'll be looking for houses in the fall too!
michelle said…
Ok I got it right too. I am so proud of Faith by the way!

Nathan used to write his e's, s's, p's, q's b's and d's backwards! I was getting really worried about this because he was still doing this in the 2nd grade, he soon grew out of it!

Happy moving!!
Anonymous said…
Man, I was too late! But I did read it correctly!! I wasn't sure about that last one...soo funny!!!!
Glo said…
Kids you got to love funny...just wait it doesn't stop when they get older...mine are 42 and 36...still make me laugh alot. It's been years but I could read it too.

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