Bidder's War

Well it seems we are in the midst of a bidding war for the new property J went to go see. We are just deciding what to do right now. They kind of got us where they want us and we won't get a washer or dryer in the what to do........we are just talking it over..........let you know as soon as we decide!

can this get any more stressful??? I want closure ugh! at least they are good with the dates we want and can be in before school starts. So I guess that is worth something. Right?

stay tuned...........again!!


mom of 2 said… guys can't catch a break!! I hope it all works out for you guys!!!
holli said…
I know - that's almost what happened with our house, but the realtor decided not to screw us after screwing us once. I know it's a buyer's market right now.. but if it's the perfect house it's hard. However, my parents would tell you that you don't get certain houses for reasons you don't know at that moment in time and you shouldn't push. You'll end up where you belong. Heck, don't listen to me! No wonder I'm so confused with advice like that!
Anonymous said…
Man, I'm right on the egge with you! I hope things work out soon. I'm sure they will...this is how God works sometimes...he waits until the last minute to see how much you trust him! I can't wait til you move...and then we get to see pics right??

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