Storms and rainy days

I hope I am safe to assume that the fire warning alert has passed. It rained here today, actually down poured is more like it! and we had lightening and thunder pretty much all day. Now the sun is shining and the clouds are not looking so heavy and scary. I totally love it up here but when it rains ALL day and you are in a 800 sq ft cabin with 4 smallish children......................ya not so fun! we watched movies all day and I have attempted to put them to bed! I say attempt people not succeeded!! I have also almost finished crocheting a blanket while I am here!

Tomorrow I have to venture into town and see about getting Emily's replacement birth certificate and care card.........I have lost pretty much all our important cards...uh hem.....and my parents are taking her to Disneyland this summer and she kind of needs them to cross the border! so off into town I go!

I hope the weather is somewhat better tomorrow so that the kids can go into the pool and I can catch a few rays.........I have gotten a bit of a tan but mostly we have been getting covered in bug bites!!! I do love it here though! I wish I could download pics from my video/camera so you could see the view that I see! it is amazing and tranquil.........well now that the storm has passed! but even with the storm it is beautiful.

side note: we still haven't settled on a place up North yet, the place we liked originally has come down in price, not to what we last offered them but they must be getting more motivated! J might go back up this weekend to look at it again and look at another place and hopefully we can get all this finalized! I am not totally stressed about it but it would be nice to have a place to move into when we have to be out of our place the end of this month!

ok going to go watch another movie and see if I can get that blanket done tonight!
eww and get those kids to bed.....any suggestions to get them to sleep easier???


KristieSue said…
Hi I'm not sure how I happened across your blog but I was reading your description in your profile and it sounded similar to me! I am also a stay at home mom but I have never had a career. I'm 25 and was married at 19 and had a baby nine months later. My youngest son is 1 and I also want to be home with my children until they start school. I am wanting to go to school and work in social services too but haven't really looked into it much since I still have a baby to raise up. Good luck to you and God Bless you :)
Looney Mom said…
Uh... ever tried Benadryl (diphenhydramine)? - not that I would suggest "drugging" the kiddos... ahem. It knocks me (and the kids) out when I/we have to take it for allergies! HA HA!

Glad you made it past the fire danger. I hope it gets better for you; it sounds hectic!
Shash said…
I'm having a similar day... I thought getting away would help but they're fighting up here too!! Today was overcast but they swam all day anyways, Jake cut his eye teeth over the weekend and still coming in so we haven't slept much.... I need sleep!!! I'll see how it goes tomorrow and play it by ear. You should come out here for a visit soon! J would LOVE the Muskoka's!!

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