small update

ok we got a phone call later in the evening last night from our Agent and she said that the sellers agent had called her and figures we can get a better rate for Insurance thru a different company..... we have already tried 2 and I thought a broker was a broker was a broker kind of thing! so anyways we have to try this new place to see what they can come up before the sellers will agree to lower the price......... which they have been thinking about.

So we are waiting to hear back from the Insurance company now with a quote..... I just got off the phone with her giving her all our information.......

to answer my sister's question whether this house is worth it......... if the price is right, then yes it is! to have a log house is our dream and one that is over 3,600 sq ft!! It is almost 20 acres with a huge barn and everything all set up for our horse. It is in the part of town we like and the house has vaulted ceilings and is so bright for a log home. The property is beautiful and we would be sad to walk away. We too question what else these guys have lied about but so far everything has been exposed and the truth has been found out.... so we know we are being looked after.

well post any more news as I hear it!


KristieSue said…
Wow what a hassle you are going through. I read through a few of your last posts and if I were you I'd be pulling my hair out. Good luck and I hope things start going smoother for you in the future. God Bless.
mom of 2 said…
More hurry up and wait...uugghhh!! It sounds like a beautiful home though and hopefully it will all be worth the wait!

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