Sitting pool side

ok it must like be 400 degrees out!..................well not quite but it is HOT HOT HOT! like oven roasted if you stay in our upstairs!!

so..........I am at my sisters............sitting pool side! I just got the baby to sleep! yeah...finally! poor thing he has such a bad heat rash and is so beyond tired! since he only has 1 older sister who is quiet as a mouse..........he hasn't been sleeping cuz he is NOT used to the sound of my herd of elephants....I mean children! he also wants me to hold him but it is like holding a wiggly hot water bottle right now! poor thing! so hopefully he sleeps for a couple of hours now!

so I better jump in the pool while I have a chance!

hope you all are enjoying your day!

I need this break today too cuz we have been having "fun" with our bank getting our new mortgage settled and now we are going with a broker.........oh the fun and games of all this! just a little stressful....said in a high tight squeaky voice!


utmommy said…
I love the pool!
Ruth said…
Ha, our mortgage broker told us the buying of a house was the next most painful thing to having a baby!! Enjoy the pool...I want to go swimming so bad!
Shash said…
Do a few laps for me!! Although I still don't like the salt water pool... I'd enjoy the company though.
Heidi said…
Oh a pool how LOVELY! I heard about your heat wave out there - EESH! WIsh we had a pool to dip into. We had our 43 degrees last week. THanks for your comment! It's actually been 17 years since my grad but 20 since grade school. My reunion in Langley is only 3 more years away - OH MY!!
Stay cool friend,
Fun!!!I'm sitting at home with a sick baby:( no poolside for me. Now, you can start feeling sorry for me. Ok, you can stop now;)
Shash said…
I'm trying to get my photo in my profile, it said it worked but didn't and blogger isn't helping me with uploading more photos to my posts. I'm loosing it - I hope you had fun today, say Hi to the fam for me!!
Shash said…
oh wow, look it worked!! I'm so slow!!!!
momyblogR said…
Man, the heat is everwhere. I swear, we are going to melt any day now here. LOL! Try to stay cool.

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