Relaxing and coincidences?

What a day! the weather here is amazing and nice and hot! the kids got a little sun burnt, which isn't good, the sun just seems so much more intense here! I sat around and watched them play and catch frogs and play on the dock for hours! I read my book, wrote in my journal and enjoyed conversations with my in-laws.

This is the first time I have ever spent this much time alone with them without J! It is going really well! we have had a lot of good talks and reading time together and tonight we went to the Lake Gathering and we had good food, door prizes and it was just fun!

There is a girl Morgan's age staying at my in-law's friends ( they are the girl's Aunt and Uncle) cabin here and they hit it off and are having fun together! In fact they are having a sleep over together tonight already! Get this..............she is moving to Prince George with her dad before school starts too! they are both pretty excited about actually knowing someone up there already! they both were a little nervous about moving away from all their friends! I don't believe in coincidences , I believe in providence and this was just WAY too cool for these young girls! Since they met at the BBQ at 6 they haven't stopped talking and laughing! The other girl has had a pretty rough life apparently. Her parents are divorced and both remarried and I guess she is the glorified babysitter! Her dad is a druggy and unstable and her mom I guess is even worse cuz she lives with her dad! Pretty sad. Her Aunt and Uncle are totally thrilled that she and Morgan have met and hit it off and that we are moving to the same place as their neice! they were really worried about her and so this is just all so good and amazing.

It just seems like at every turn we are getting confirmations and little gifts to let us know that we are really on the right track.


Looney Mom said…
That's awesome! I know nothing happens "by accident." I believe God's hand is in everything.

So what "stuff" in particular were you asking about in your comment? I can help you with whatever you need.
Shash said…
That is really cool! God is concerned about everything in our lives... including our children's friendships! Enjoy the canada day long weekend!!
Anonymous said…
Wow! That's cool. I'm glad they made friends so quickly. Yes, it seems we do have a lot in common!
MugwumpMom said…
Nope - no coincidence! Providence all the way! God is sovereign and in control. That's very cool for M.
Mary Anne said…
How neat! God provided so well for both your daughter and that little girl!

Hope you are having/had a very relaxing time just "unwinding"!

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