One last day

Today is the last day here in the peace and quiet..........well a bit too quiet! I was talking to Xangelle today on msn and she was telling not to complain about being bored! anyone would LOVE to be in my shoes here at the lake! and I don't mean to sound ungrateful! and I don't know if you call it bored exactly, I just like talking!! and I miss adult conversation!!

It is another beautiful day here. The sun is shining! the wind is blowing quite hard though! our dock is twisted sideways, the kids are sitting on it right now pretending it is a real boat! too cute! wish I still had their imagination!

I have to clean the place up today and pack the jeep cuz I am going to be heading out of here around 7 am tomorrow heading for Prince George. I am looking through 4 different places that I know of. 3 of them are log houses and the smallest property being just over 10 acres. The other house is a panabode......which is a log but cut so they are not round anymore. I think all but one of them is set up for horses with fences and barns. The one I am not sure about being set up for horses is right next to a lake, so it has lake views from the house! pretty nice! that place though needs quite a bit of work and is the smallest of the 4, house wise. Only one of the houses has a completely finished basement and is the most ready for us to move into. It does need some updating though as I was told it still has shag carpet and bright orange counters!! Our house that we are in right now had shag carpets too, we replaced all them! well............ just! I am not opposed to shag but they are hard to clean! and I don't really think it is the healthiest thing to have carpets/under pads that are 30+ years old!!

hmmmm I was going to give a basic break down of the 4 places but then wondered if with all the whacko's we have these days if that would not be giving out too much information!

I have butterflies! I am excited about seeing them. I am a bit nervous about the drive, I think it is about 6 hours from where I am. I am not on the right Highway that leads to Prince George so I have to take a side road, I think, to connect me to the right Highway that is why it is a bit far.

So if you think of me tomorrow I would appreciate a little prayer that I really hear Him on what place He has intended for us! Since we have SOLD our house now and all subjects are removed we have to buy with specific dates and it is leaving us feeling that we don't have a lot of time before the kids go back to school on Sept 5th. We were hoping for a little more time to get settled but that is ok the most important thing would just being there in time for school! I am not really too stressed about that....... I will worry about it if it happens but so far I really have just seen everything fall into place and I am sure that will continue to happen!

I won't be able to blog again before I get home and I am not sure when that will be, I might go up to the Ranch after I look at houses for a few days and wait for J to come up and we can look some more together or if I find the place then look at it together!

I had a recent comment left by a musician and he left his web site. I checked it out and he has really great music! He plays Christian acoustic guitar! which is one of my total favorite kinds of music! he also offers his songs for free downloads which is pretty amazing, as is his testimony on his check him out , I think you will be impressed. I was!

ok till next time!


Looney Mom said…
Well I just know that Our Father will lead you to the place He has for you. How exciting! You will know it - I know it!

Have a safe trip! I hope you won't be gone too long.
Shash said…
Have a safe trip, find something nice and big enough for company!!
Ruth said…
Yeah, um, big enough for company...who knows!! Haha, that is all you need!! Have fun looking at houses and you already know that God is in control!!
holli said…
I will stop and say a prayer for you right now. I know you have faith in the plan the Lord has for you and your family. That is part of what I love about you and what you write.. I find it so inspirational. Your ability to let go and let God, so to speak.

Have a safe trip - and go with what feels right.

Anonymous said…
Yay! I found you again! I lost all my bookmarks and have been slowly finding people again! I'm gonna add you to my blogroll...ok?
Shash said…
WHERE ARE YOU????!!!!! You've been offline for a long long time....

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