Oh all the thinks I must think

ya that pretty much explains my mental state right now! have you ever had so much to do that you don't do anything? I don't know where to start!

I also realize that this next 4 1/2 weeks is going to fly by! which literally scares me! the social butterfly in me just wants to do the rounds............you know..........visit all my friends and spend as much time with my family as I can! We wanted to have a big going away party but really .... when do we have time to do that? cuz.......... the house needs to be packed and we are in the middle of replacing the flooring............as I have mentioned over and over.........ever get the feeling that you are skipping..........like old vinyl records???? I hope I haven't bored you all to tears with my talk of moving and selling and buying and flooring???!!! I think I have bored myself! well in between the excitement! it definitely has it's up and downs!

So.............ya.................don't have anything else to say.........oh my.............that's sad............think this is the shortest post yet! going to go vegg

oh and a BIG thank you to all my fellow bloggers for keeping my comments over 5! you guys rock and are keeping my self esteem at an all new high! keep up the good work!! hehehe


Ruth said…
You have not been boring me with all the talk of houses and such...it is just helping me dream a bit more about our time to come!!
theresa said…
I find it comforting that you are sharing these things on your blog because I know that I'm next in the moving stage with my own house. I'm on vacation right now, but I should be home getting the house ready......uuugggghhhhh.
Shash said…
Just send those picture soon!! Add that to your list K?!!
MugwumpMom said…
Heh, Jim and I were talking about having you and a few over to our place before you go....we must talk.
holli said…
Well let me do my part and take you to five.. You know I love your blog.. especially when your mind is running in high gear, because it sounds like the inside of my head.

MugwumpMom said…
Heh Lala....me again...have you ever visited Mrs Blythe?? She's on my blogroll. Hope you don't mind, but I suggested she visit your blog and ask you to email her your story about your babies. You can link to her's from mine..she's near the bottom of my blogroll, and go visit her site..the last couple of posts will show you what I'm talking about...you instantly popped into my mind and I believe you can speak some life into her!! Thanks
Love you!!
Wow - I just read your post about your new home. WOW! sounds absolutely incredible!!!

I am here Lorna Webb. She volunteers at a camp that we do and stumbled on my blog after blog hopping from yours. So funny. Nice to meet another BC girl - but I am not sure whre you are moving. Is it in BC? It sounds incredible.

Nice to meet you. It looks from your blogroll that we visit some of the same places.
Anonymous said…
Hi there, Rena sent me to your blog. I've bookmarked your blog it looks like fun. You sound so busy.

Rena said that you might have something the Lord showed you that may help me with something. I had a miscarriage a while ago and a recent comment by a fellow blogger suggested that not all babies go to Heaven. I for one thought that it was a ridiculous notion. But then of course the panic sets in and the fear (doh!). I got a little upset and it dragged up a whole load of grief that I thought I'd dealt with.

Don't worry if you are too busy but if you have time Rena suggested you might have something you could email me? my email is mrssarahblythe at yahoo.co.uk (I put 'at' instead of @ because of spam, or something).

Thank you so much blessings.
Anonymous said…
So much to do that you want to sit down and do nothing? that's the story of my hubby's life...we call it ADD.

LOL!!! I bet it's overwhelming packing and moving and getting things ready for a new house!
Anonymous said…
Hello again. My email is mrssarahblythe@yahoo.co.uk

You can click the link from my blog if it helps. Someone else has had trouble emailing me, so it's probably yahoo playing up. Can you delete this message when you've done, I was told that if you put your email address in a comment you can end up with loads of spam (or something, I'm not sure how, I'm not very computer literate, lol). Sarah

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