nother update.....back to where we started or ended I am getting confused

So I heard back from the 3rd broker who we were told we had to try to get insurance from ....... and guess what?? they won't insure it ....... so.......the ball is back in their court and we are waiting to hear from our realtor.

We did make another call to see how much lifting the house and putting concrete in would cost and if it would be worth it, the insurance would be half with a concrete foundation!! so...... it is something worth considering!

This means we are waiting to hear back from the engineer re: changing the foundation, our realtor, the sellers to see if they will go down but we are thinking that we are going to go down even more....and telling them every day they make us wait we are going to drop the price another $3,000....... playing with the big boys now!!

stay tuned for more!


utmommy said…
Good Luck! I hope everything works out for you.
mom of 2 said…
This is crazy! I totally feel for you hubby and I are terrible at being patient...I applaud you!!
theresa said…
Wow, hope the price goes down even further for you. I just dropped mine house down $30,000. I really am ready to get out of here and get on with my life.

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