This is my 150th post! wow that seems like so many! and I just started blogging this year!

I have been thinking, I know a dangerous thing, about milestones this morning. I feel like I have reached so many milestones in my life. Being in my 30's now, I feel like I am coming into more of my own. I feel a more secure sense of who I am. I have learned so much in my life and am ready for this next adventure.

We got our closing dates moved into August by the people buying our house. We are ok with that and even though it doesn't give us as much time as we wanted to get settled in our new town before school starts, I know that God is really in control and I am resting in that. I am going to head up there on Sat. and look at the place that we originally wanted and a few other places too. I know our steps are ordered and I can trust that when I see the place that is meant for us that I will know.

Learning to trust in God in my life has been a huge milestone for me, one that I am sure I am not finished learning yet! Being a planner all my life and having other people imposing change on me have been hard lessons to learn. Growing up I knew I wanted to get married young and have at least 4 children. I knew that I wanted to be a missionary and go to Africa and when I was 17 and fresh out of high school I did.

I went to YWAM the summer I graduated, to Kenya. I stayed in Likoni, which is right outside Mombasa, the second biggest city in Kenya. I stayed there on the base from Sept to Jan doing my DTS, discipleship Training School, which was great Bible school. We did school 5 days a week, 4-5 hours a day. We had Saturdays off completely and Sunday we just had to attend a church service. Mon-Fri we had "work duties" everyday!! these consisted of everything from cleaning toilets, including the boys and burning the dirty toilet paper as you couldn't flush any um paper products down the toilet! and they had to be burned on a daily basis! um ya that was gross. Imagine if you will opening the garbage basket of USED toilet paper and other things and having all sorts of bugs like praying mantis's and other creatures that I only see in zoos and tv crawling around........ya the bugs took a lot to get used too......and the snakes and spiders! I'll tell you a few of those stories in a bit. Other work duties included sorting rice cuz they put rocks in the bags to make it weigh more! and scrubbing the tiled floor with your hands! ya, work duties was my least favorite time of day! it also fell on the hottest time of day with temperatures being 97 in the shade and 112 in the sun!! it was brutal and the humidity was something I have never experienced in my life. Eventually I convinced them that I could write......hehehe......and I got my work duties changed to writing dramas that we performed on the streets and in was great!!!

at 17 years old I was the youngest person there! There were 2 of us there from Canada and 1 leader from the US, the rest of the school was made up from people from Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, England, Holland, New Zealand, South Korea, Norway, Malaysia and Belgium. It was a real melting pot of cultures and I had to learn FAST how to get along living in a different culture and then living with so many diverse people! I had 2 room mates, Gerda from Belgium and Margaret from Uganda.

Gerda became my best friend there and I even traveled to Belgium for her wedding in 1997! we stayed in contact until then and I have tried to get a hold of her but she has moved since and I have too, hopefully we will again!

In Jan we split into 2 groups and went out on our outreach. I chose to go to the town Voi which was about 2 hours inland from the coast. The other team went to a remote Island called Lau. I loved being on the outreach, actually living right in the midst of the people I so loved! My favorite thing that we did there was to repair a mud hut for a widow. We walked about 3 hours to get to the village!!! we walked everywhere!! and the village couldn't believe what they were seeing! 12 people with all different colors of skin and speaking in all sorts of strange accents working together to repair this mud hut! To fix it we carried water from their village well and mixed it with the mud inside the hut squashing it with our feet like a wine press. We filled the holes in the walls with rocks, fitting them in between the poles made of something like bamboo, then we made the soft mud on the floor into balls in our hand and literally threw them as hard as we could at the rock/pole structure. That was as simple as it was and loads of fun too.......we were covered in red mud! This was my dream come true, practically helping people in real need! This is what I longed to do and it was amazing for me to be there! To me this is what being a missionary was all about! I had so many great experiences there and I will probably share a story here and there!

Since then I have achieved many more milestones in my life and I see God's hand on me all they way!

I will leave you with a little "bug" story. One night me and Gerda were up late talking, as usual, and I had the flashlight on my bunk and I was playing around with it making it dance against the wall. I was scanning it back and forth and flashing it in Gerda's eyes to bug her cuz well I am the youngest of 4 girls and was only 17....what can I say......and as I got close to her bunk my flashlight stopped on a spider about the size of my hands..........and I am part Norwegian and have BIG hands!!!.......I screamed at Gerda kept the light on the intruder and she looked thru her mosquito net (we all had them over us on our bunks....I think that is pretty self explanatory...) and screamed.....the blood curdling kind of high pitch scream that only Gerda could achieve!! neither of us was willing to get out of our safety nets and neither of us were willing to let it continue living in our room!! what to after pleading with each other to be the brave one.....I grabbed the pest spray that is meant for like bees and stuff!! and threw it at her bunk.....she grabbed it and with the net pushing against her face like a bank robber wearing panty hose she leaned out of her bed as far as she could and sprayed the crap out of the unsuspecting spider. After it was scurrying behind our desk I finally emerged from my chamber and slammed the desk against the wall attempting to squish the annoyed creature! we turned on the lights and gingerly tried to find a hopefully dead spider, our poor roommate Margaret, we certainly tested her patience greatly. We didn't find the body of the spider until we were cleaning our room out before we left for home and moved the desk and there found the body of the brown furry was huge even when it was dead and crumpled up!!! After all that I still feel foolish when I scream at a little house spider...........I HATE spider's! I have many more stories......I will share them with you sometime so stayed tuned for more stories and more milestones!


Looney Mom said…
I used to have a major spider phobia then guess what I did to overcome it? I got myself a tarantula! Actually I've had 2 of them.

They actually are very docile creatures. I kinda miss my pets.

Anyway, that was funny.
MugwumpMom said…
Yuck. I hate bugs. Have fun looking for houses. When you coming home?
Shash said…
So what's up with the house... in more details!!
I blogged and theirs pic too
Yellow Mama said…
My niece met her husband on the mission field in China...they just gave birth to their first child here in the states. He just finished law school and she is working for a church...I think. Being in another country for a while will kick ya into maturing faster than the average teen...Smiles and Hugs
ErinOrtlund said…
I also did a DTS in Likoni. When were you there? I was there 1994-1995.

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