In the Middle of NO WHERE!!

I am still at my Uncle and Aunt's ranch! I just picked J from the airport yesterday and we went and looked at the property together. It was SO great to see him again. It had been almost 2 weeks!! that is the longest we have been apart for a LONG time!!! we enjoyed our day together! My Aunt kept the little girls up here at the ranch and that allowed J and I to really have a day "off" and take the time we needed to make the BIG decision!

are you just like waiting with abated breath to find out what is going on with our new home????!!!................well.........I have to keep you in suspense for a little while longer or you just may ignore the rest of my post! I know you are out lurkers who just "skip" read...then move on!!! uh hem.........

We met our realtor and then drove out the place that J and I have had our eye on all this time. I did look at another place on Sat. and I LOVED it but............the owners decided not to sell it after all and so.........that being the only other log home that was worth looking at..............we are back to the original place. We also had a friend of my Aunt and Uncle's come to look at the place as well. He moves homes and he would know right away if there were any reasons we should walk away from this house. He didn't. So we were back at the decision, yes this house needs a lot of work, cosmetic stuff.............but lots of it!!!..........but........we can move in right away and the alternative seemed to be renting a place and waiting. We don't want to move the girls around.

I do see the potential of this place and I see what it will be when it is all done. The girls will be able to have animals right away and the owners even said they will leave us a baby barn cat!

can you see where this is leading????? have you figured it all out???? sorry is this lame?

We did make another offer (this is the same place we made the last offer), and we are presently countering back and forth BUT they are countering back and forth and it looks good! in fact I think it is pretty safe to say that this will be it!! but I will confirm as soon as I totally there really is no mystery, was that a big let down? are you disappointed? you shouldn't be!! it looks promising! and I will blog about it as soon as it is final! then I will tell you more about the house!

J and I just had such a great time yesterday. We even went to see Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest. It was really great!!! we LOVED it but of course I love Johnny drool drool drool...........and we stayed the night at a hotel :-) and then we drove back to the ranch this morning.

J enjoyed being with the girls as he hasn't seen them for a long time too and we took the girls for a walk and played cards and just had great time together! We also let them ride 2 of the horses and my Aunt surprised us by saying that she is going to GIVE us King! that is her 23 year old Tennessee Walker who is perfect for the 3 little ones to learn all about horses on! what a gift. I was speechless...............and if you know me at all...........that is a rare event!!! So what a perfect day! So upon moving into our new home we will have a horse already!! Hopefully we will close this day with an accepted offer on this house and we can make it all official!!

Meanwhile I am just enjoying being here in the middle of no where before going home and the packing begins!!!

I have missed blogging and reading all my favorites! and of course the comments.........I have to be honest and say that I live for the comments and when I get less then 5 I feel......well almost insecure that my post wasn't clever or interesting enough to warrant lots of comments......hope I haven't shattered any of your perceptions of me........oh what was I saying???? ok well I am going to read a few blogs now. The power here goes off during the day......I did say I was in the middle of no where! we have power because of the power plant/giant generator!! ok I am to you soon!


Shash said…
so if I comment 4 more times will you be happy??!!

Cool news about the house and the horse, so not fair! I remember King, he was a good ride. Say a big hello to the family, aunts and uncles included. I haven't been up there in such a long time and I'm a little jealous.

You ARE still planning on coming out here for Christmas right.... no excuses!!! I'm planning a big bash for New Year's Eve... somebody we know is turning 40 a few days later!!!!

The only thing that totally sucks ---- I will be seeing you less and less. From once a year to who knows when. ;-( boo hoo but it is really cool that you're getting land, I miss having the farm, the horses, cats and the dogs.
Ruth said…
Ok, now Shash only has to leave 3 more comments...haha. No really, that is so awesome that you are going to have land and animals. I grew up in the city, but I would so like to live out in the country...maybe one day.

Glad to have you back...almost. Enjoy the rest of your time too.
MugwumpMom said…
Lala...I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Already, I'm planning on my visits. I'm bubbling with excitement that you and J get to live your dream. This is perfect. I just KNOW, that I KNOW, that I KNOW, God has something unexpected and totally cool for you both up there...don't ask what, cause I don't know but the anticipation and excitement I feel in my spirit over this is bubbling over!!!! Congrats, and just let Him take control! Love you and miss you.
Looney Mom said…
That's awesome. I'm so happy for you. I really miss my horses... boo hoo!
here is comment #5 just to save you from a life of insecurity jk lol
I will hopefully get to come there one day to visit you and I am in on planning the bash so hopefully you can come out and join the family out here with your family too !!!
Anonymous said…
Hey! Soo happy for you guys! I can't wait til the day we can own our own home! And this puts you over your 5 comment mark!LOL, I'm the same was with comments, they define me!LOL
Morning Glory said…
It all sounds wonderful. I hope you realize your dream really, really soon.

This is comment #7, so you should be moving into the secure category now. Isn't it amazing how we hope for the comments? I do it too.
holli said…
Heck, I didn't know anyone was really reading my blog until I required a password. I don't think most people comment, but that doesn't mean anything.

Was there supposed to be a pic up there?? If so I can't see - WAH!!

You got a horse - I'm jealous!!! I miss living out in the country!
Renee said…
That's great! On the house and the horse! Excitement all the way around.

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