First of the lasts

Today was our last day at church before we move. You see we go to a small church and we don't meet in a regular setting in August and I guess they decided the last Sunday this month as well. They do fun stuff together and work at building relationship during that month! It also gives our worship team some well deserved time off and helps with expenses as we don't have to pay the rent for that month either. So today was it for us! I don't know if we will be able to go to the Sunday activities they have planned as there is just so much to do!

I walked into the church a bit shaky. It doesn't help that with this heat wave there is not much sleeping going on and about 5 minutes after getting out of the cold shower you are covered in a film of sweat again! I knew I was going to cry so I wore waterproof mascara! yes I don't like looking like a raccoon and smudging black makeup on other people's shoulders!!!

They called us forward as well as another lady who is leaving for Kamloops to live and they prayed over us. We have only been in this church officially for a year and a half and yet we have never felt so at home in a church body EVER. Our pastors are a huge part of why this church is so special! we have never had pastors care and love us like these people do and have. Their attitude reflects in the body and what loving people they are! we were indeed blessed to have been a part of it.

While they prayed for us some really neat words were spoken over us. One man prayed and said that our house is a lighthouse and beacon to those around! this gave me goose bumps as this has ALWAYS been something that I have prayed over our home! I have had other people pray the same thing and I know that is something that we all should have as believers, but for some reason I have always felt that our home is a refuge for people, a place of rest and where their hope can be restored. A place where they can find light in their darkness and that people would be attracted to that light. So it was really cool to have that confirmation that God hears the cry of my heart and that He put it there to begin with and that our house IS a lighthouse and a beacon cuz WE ARE the lighthouse and beacon and where we go........the light goes!!

There was also confirmation spoken over us going and that it isn't just us going........but we are being sent! and that God has called us there. One lady prayed over me that I would step out more in teaching women with broken hearts and from abusive situations.............this also is totally my heart!.....and they prayed over J that he would step out more in praying for others and that he has the gift of healing. There was so much was really awesome being blessed by our church body like that and know that even though they are so sad cuz we are leaving that they are standing behind us encouraging us on our journey!

One of my cousins goes to the same church and I could barely look at her cuz I knew that I still have to say bye to my family. Not that we are leaving and will never see them........but ya PG is a bit far!!! and holidays will pretty much be the sum of the visits. That part is really hard. It is weird to be so excited and sad at the same time! I am feeling a I am not sure how to describe how I am feeling right now........besides the heat and no sleep.....the endless list of things to do........waiting to have the FINAL subject removed from our new house.........thinking about saying good bye..........the final days.........the actual move........setting up my new home, miles away from all my family and school for the girls.........a new life in a new city.............I feel so many things.

Side note: just to give you an example of how hot it is here........I just went into the pantry which is in the hallway upstairs and the kids chocolate covered granola bars.......are completely melted!! and I opened a cupboard in the kitchen to get a bowl for some ice cream and the bowl was warm! like seriously this week is supposed to be cooler but by the weekend the temp is supposed to hit 40 again! yikes....guess I will be back at my sis's pool! we were there again today and yesterday so like ALL weekend! I kind of don't like this kind of intense heat with NO breeze!


MugwumpMom said…
Oh, that's funny, 'cause I couldn't look at you either! I knew that if we hugged, I'd break down, so I got busy with the kids instead. LOL. Sorry. We'll have our time, and I fully intend to fly up and visit. "Sides...if Dani goes to med school up there, you'll have to put up with me and my J alot...oh, BTW...can she live with you?? Hahaha
Lala's world said…
hey of course she can! does she want to live with 4 little girls though??? haha!! we would love to have her and we definetly have the room!
Shash said…
I know all too well what it's like to move thousands of miles away from family and friends but when God is at the centre of it!!! It all works out better than imagined. You will notice that time flys faster, at least the feeling of it - missing things, you'll notice changes etc. Can't put it into words.

p.s. we have Air Conditioning!!! nananana ;-)
Yellow Mama said…
You said something about ministering to hurting abused people...women.

I recall years ago, the Holy Spirit gave me a good example while talking to a young lady who had been abused.

Jesus was abused...his beard was pulled out, he was beaten beyond recognition and he was whipped beyond our comprehension...He knows what it is like to bear someone elses sins...that is kind of what happens to people who are abused...they bear other's sins...but yet they are not supposed to do that....just a thought
Morning Glory said…
What a beautiful Sunday service that must have been! Good luck with the move and getting settled into a new place. Life is an endless adventure....

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