Details details........

ok my sis is bugging me about giving details about our new home! so here it is.

We bought a log house! almost 3,000 sq ft. 5 bedrooms. 3 full bathrooms, 1 with a deep soaker with jets!! ;-). The kitchen is an open concept with a big bar/island dividing the kitchen from the living room. So the living room, dining room and kitchen is basically one open room......with vaulted ceilings! oh and 2 decks off this room. One deck is with french glass doors facing the front yard and the other has sliding glass doors to the back deck which runs along the entire back of the house..........on one end of this deck is a 10 man hot tub under a covered roof!

The master bedroom is smaller than our bedroom right has glass french doors leading to the back deck and right next to the hot I plan to use that everynight.....bathing suits optional!! oh but I will zap it with extra chemicals before anyone visits!!! hahaa......oh sorry.....I could just imagine some of the looks on your faces when you read that!!! also has a full ensuite and mirrored glass sliding doors leads to a massive closet that isn't quite a walk in but deep enough to stand in.........already figured it will be a great hiding spot for the kids playing hide and seek!

The basement is not finished except for 2 of which will be turned into the "gun room" and wine cellar, the other is huge and will be shared by 2 of the girls....this room has a huge walk in closet. There is also a full bathroom downstairs and the laundry and furnace of course. We will turn that into one big room giving us enough room for storage as well. Then there will be one large "games room" where the kids will have their tv set up and games/videos/nintendo/air hockey......that sort of thing.

The upstairs has the other 2 girls rooms and the kitchen/LR/DR/, MB and main bath with the big jetted tub and a little sitting area at the top of the stairs to the basement which we are going to make the office/sewing area. Off the front entrance is a door with 3 steps down into a HUGE family room that used to be the carport (so we don't have one but may one day build us a separate carport or garage)........this room has the huge post and beams of the blonde log the home is made of. There is glass sliding doors off this room to the back deck. There is a gas fireplace in this room, that is broken ;-(, but we are planning on replacing it with one of those lodge style gas fireplaces that are round with the cone cylinder above it! and making cushioned seating all around it! totally cool! this also will house the pull-out for company and no worries we are going to buy a feather top to make it more comfy! it will also hold our tv which hopefully is at least a 50" plasma screen..................can you hear me dreaming........well............I am.............that tv will be down the road!! hehe

So loads of room for all my familyand friends to come visit for a long time!!

The property is 20 acres with a creek running across it about half way at the back of the property. There is a huge barn with a tack room and is big enough to house a couple of horses, pigs and a couple of cows! there are 3 separate pens or fenced areas for animals! plenty of room for the chickens, pigs, cows, horses, sheep and goats we are planning on having! and hey we are on our way with 1 horse already!! The property is pretty flat with the back of our property lined with spruce trees. There also are some willow trees where the previous owners kids built tree forts! so the kids will have a blast there! we always did! my dad built us a tree fort at EVERY house we ever lived in! he was so cool to do that for us!

There is plently of room for us to build a guest cabin in the future and a big greenhouse in the near future! obviously hold our trampoline and I hope to have a nice above ground pool next summer as well! that is a matter of priorities though and since the lake is 3 min down the road.... there may be no need for that, at least that is what J says!

Well there you have the details...........well enough anyways to give you a pretty good idea of what we are being blessed with! It is the nice part of town too and far enough out of the city to make you hear nothing but country and close enough to get a starbucks when it tickles your fancy!

Once we are there I promise to take photos and post them for you all........... J and I are starting to feel the stresses though and are a bit edgy with each other but overall are doing pretty good.....which is amazing with this size of a move! he has a meeting this week with someone VERY interested in buying his we are really praying that it sells which will give us the extra cash to really make this transition easier! So far though......everything has worked out and I continue to trust that it will continue so. After all God is a detailed God!


Anonymous said…
I'm soooo jealous!!!! Kidding, well, kinda...but I am sooo happy for you guys!!! This must be so exciting moving into a new home that you really want! I can't wait for that day to come for us!
MugwumpMom said…
It sounds wonderful Lala. Can't wait to see it. Who's helping you move?
cara said…
that sounds absolutely wonderful. it sounds like a lot of work, but so worth it, i think. can't wait to see the pictures. well not of the gun room. i laughed out loud when i read that, but then i remembered who you are married to. i am so happy it's all working out so well for you guys.
theresa said…
sounds like my dream house! I used to have a hot tub and used it at least 2 times a day all year long. For me, there is nothing like watching the sunrise in a hot tub and praying. Also, watching the snow fall at night from the hot tub.

Mazel tov!
Ruth said…
Oh, I want to move in!! No, really it sounds like an awesome house. God is so good!!
he will sell your hubbies business & he will provide everything you guys dream about, because you are his children
Shash said…
Send photos soon, thanks for filling me in - Jake's been teething and sick for 2 days --- I haven't slept since Saturday night and am cranky. Thanks for calling me today and talking for a long time. I'll call you soon.
Wave's Word said…
I guess I missed a blog. Congrats to your family. The house sounds awesome and I like your style. God has great plans for your family. Can I reserve my visit now?
Morning Glory said…
Oh that sounds like a nice slice of paradise. And you had me with "close enough to get a starbucks when it tickles your fancy!" It doesn't get much better than that. Good luck!

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