A couple of poems I wrote

this one I wrote this morning

Sitting at the Lake

water glistening
birds singing
peaceful noises abound
a piece of heaven found
sitting at the lake

gladness fills my soul
a heavenly kind of oil
calmness begins to transend
reeds in the wind bend
sitting at the lake

clarity of thoughts I achieve
in the maker of the lake, I believe
Your beauty astounds me
Your gifts I receive
sitting at the lake

this next one I wrote more as a song I can hear the melody but don't have the training to write out the music, I wrote this at our church's ladies retreat this past Spring. The speaker had just been praying about bringing the lost home and this song came to me

Bring me to my knees

Bring me to my knees
let me hear the pleas
rising from Your heart to ours
I've wasted so many hours

Bring me to my knees
let my eyes see Your tears
Your people are so blind
living all their fears

Bring me to my knees
let me touch Your mighty hand
Your people have turned so cold
You've come to heal the land

Bring me to my knees
let me feel again
Your mercy that surrounds me
Your love that knows no end

Bring me to my knees
Bring me to that place
Bring me to Your love
Bring me to Your grace


MugwumpMom said…
Wow Lala - that was beautiful!
Wave's Word said…
jI felt transported to the lake by your poem. What wonderful miracles of nature God created to surround us. What a blessing the gift is that he gave you to be able to share it with us so eloquently.
Jeanne said…
If you could hum it to my daughter, she could probably figure out the notes! (She's going to college in Sept to major in Music Performance and minor in Music Education) Maybe you could both be famous someday! (lol)
Ruth said…
I love your writings, thanks for sharing.
holli said…
You sound so much more at peace then you were not too long ago.. I'm so glad!!

Those were beautiful. Thank you for sharing, I especially enjoyed them today.
JeepGirl said…
That was awesome. You have a very special talent.
Keep up the writing.
Yellow Mama said…
Very cool. I could see when you wrote...I could feel the words...Thanks for the peace
onangelwings said…
Good job Lala. The poem and song are beautiful. I say copyright that now before some songwriter gets their hands on it.

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