Change the channel

It is after 3 am and I am still awake..........I finally just got out of bed cuz I am keeping J awake and that is just not really fair since he has to work in the morning.

I guess I had too much coffee yesterday and then I had an Ice Cap from Tim Horton's after 7 pm ....... then.....I had a chocolate covered granola bar when we got home around 9:30.......bad choice!

My brain is buzzing and no matter how hard I am trying, I can't seem to shut it off. It feels like I am watching TV in my brain and someone (me) is flipping channels so fast back and forth and then in high know the pictures just keep coming faster and faster and the voices start getting more high pitch and squeaky..........ugh.........not about getting dizzy by just lying there.

I have been trying to quote scriptures about peace and all that and it starts working and I can feel myself slowly relaxing and then pop the channel changes and my heart starts pounding and there I go again..............frustrating.

I have thought about quite a few blog posts that I want to do in the near future!! I thought about all the phone calls I have to make between banks and changing utilities and services! I've thought about when I have to register the girls for their new school. I've thought about the insurance on the new place and how much it is going to cost. I've thought about how many things I have forgotten to account for in planning this move. I've thought about my dishwasher and clothes washer that both seem to be leaking for the first time ever and we have to get them fixed.

I've thought about just about everything.

I was thinking about topics like where we come from, us Canadians that is, and how being a young Country affects the attitudes of the people. How that may be contributing to my generation known as Generation X. How Canada being such a melting pot of so many cultures, really has given me a sense of no culture. The need to feel like I belong to some sort of cultural inheritance and yet cannot identify with any single culture. I am 4th generation Canadian and 1st generation born in BC. My ancestors made their way across the country with pretty much every new generation being born in a new Province heading West! My grandparents were English, German, Scottish, Norwegian, and I am basically a Heinz 57.........a good European mix! Anyways I will go into that more maybe one day soon.

Change the channel.......

I was thinking about my oldest daughter who is 12 1/2 and how she is almost as tall as me now and seems to have really grown up a lot this summer. I can see a maturing in her. I can see more of what she is going to look like as an adult and see the child in her diminish. She surprised me yesterday by cleaning up the garbage in the garage without being asked! the dogs had gotten into the garage and literally ripped and shredded our departed students garbage EVERYWHERE......they even dragged some out into the back yard. I was so thankful. I really didn't want to do that job! She is earning our trust back after a difficult year of her learning to tell the truth and fighting that urge to lie to us. She just really is growing up fast! I see the almost 5 year gap between her and her next sibling ever widening.

Change the channel.......

oh man I thought by actually getting up....... I would feel myself getting sleepy........nope.........just wide awake here. SUCKS cuz I know I am going to pay for this in the next couple of days.

Change the channel.......

My Em is going to California soon with my mom and dad. She is pretty excited about going to Disneyland. Her cousin Q is flying out from Toronto and is going with them. She is a little upset about missing our going away party that we are throwing the last Sunday we are here. We are having a pig roast at my sister's house with the pool! we are inviting our whole families and just our closest friends cuz our families alone is like 50 people!!! She wanted to be able to say goodbye to everyone too. I am going to talk to my mom and dad about trying to get back in time for that..........but I know they already have the trip pretty much planned so that might not be possible. It is pretty cool that my parents are taking their grandkids 2 at a time to Disneyland! They drive down in the motorhome and really get to make great memories with the kids. They took Morgan and my niece Jana a couple of years ago. It will be Hailey and Emma's turn next, then Foofoo and Silly Man! the last grandson is kind of on his own in having cousins or siblings to go with maybe they will take the youngest 3 together or something?

Change the channel.......

hmmmmmmm what else can I talk to you about? not that I have a shortage of things going thru my head but they are just ramblings of a stressed out over tired 30 something mother of 4 GIRLS..........need I say more??? probably not but I can't sleep I am.......

Well.............I think I am going to go watch TV and maybe I will fall asleep that way cuz it is almost 4 am and I just cannot believe that I am up!!! more coffee for me past noon! yeesh!


Shash said…
You coulda called me, out here it was nearly 7am and I was up with JZ. When it's Jake's turn to go to Disneyland, maybe Mom and Dad will take their great-grand daughter, she's only a 1 1/2 years older than my youngest, right?!

I hate those nights where my brain doesn't want to shut down, I've actually yelled at myself outloud before. Not fun!!

Call me when you're fully awake.
MugwumpMom said…
That happened to me last night too. Must be the heat. J was snoring and I couldn't get him to turn over..finally I flipped and yelled "J, please!!", but it came out way louder than I wanted it to and I totally freaked him out. I feel so bad! So I sheepishly slunk away to the sofa downstairs and lay there until 3 listening to the house creak...then got up at 6:45 to go to work...where I am now...working hard....commenting on your blog...gotta go now....have another poultry farm mortality claim to do then to Cultus on a hog farm mortality claim then to T's to get my hair coloured....then home to bed!!

Jules said…
It must have been something in the air last night.. I was up too.
Glad to read a fellow moms' blog~ I am behind in mine.. but I will get there in the next few days.

Come visit anytime!
Ruth said…
Yep, I hate it when I can't sleep. That was a few nights ago for me though, not last night. Some of my best thinking comes out of those sleepless nights too!
Elle*Bee said…
Son #1 and I are night owls. Given the choice, we'd stay up until 4am and sleep until 11am. Unfortunately no one else in our household keeps that kind of schedule so he and I try to turn in around 1am (until school starts for him). I do most of my best thinking during the twilight hours.
Mary Anne said…
Oh man, I have those nights too. I used to be in denial and I believed that caffeine had no effect on me whatsoever, but that's not true. ;) I hate it when I can't fall asleep, but I try to make the best of the time by praying or reading my Bible.
Yellow Mama said…
A man we once knew who was a millionaire told me something which really works. He keeps a tiny spiral in his shirt pocket with a pen. When he has a thought about what he needs to do or an idea or a person he needs to contact, he simply writes it down. He also keeps it by his bed at night so if he wakes up thinking about something which must be done, he can write it down. He says to empty your mind on paper so you can use your brain for more creative endeavors. He's living proof.

I for one try to do that, but have seldom had a problem with sleeping at night unless I'm angry...and even then, I know to forgive before bed time so I can sleep.

Calcium Magnesium with boron before bed is a muscle relaxer and helps me sleep. It also helps with something else in the a.m.

You really didn't ask for that information...did you! Oh, well, it is a side benefit.
MugwumpMom said…
I didn't get my hair coloured after all. Got called to a fire in had to cancel. And when I finished that fire, got called to another in Mission...I'm really really tired! Goodnight.
holli said…
Well, that helped wake me up.. and motivated me to go get coffee.. because my brain is usually like that and exactly the opposite right now.

I can't wait to hear how she enjoys Disney.

Change the channel.zzzzzzzz
mom of 2 said…
I have those nights too...very frustrating! Sometimes I feel like I should get up and write stuff down, but instead I just lie there awake. It's nice to know it happens to other people too!!

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