and we wait.....

do you want to know what I eat when I am stressed or upset?? well if you don't you know I am going to tell you anyways!! member people it's all about me here!! but you can tell me what you do or eat when you are stressed or upset!!

I eat McDonalds Quarter Pounders and if I am really upset I eat double Quarter Pounders!!

guess what I am eating right now??? yup....a Quarter Pounder AND a Big Mac!!!

We finally heard back from the Insurance Broker.........the insurance would cost us

are you sitting down???

you better!!!

$4500/year or something like that I kind of blanked out when I realized she was in the $4000 range!! basically it will cost $378/month! so YIKES and that is with a $2500 deductible!!

that is outrageous

We decided to pose another offer to the sellers if they would take $12,000 less........since they lied to us, by telling us they insure the place for $1700/year!! crap....that's right I said we are asking for the difference of that and what we were quoted times 4 years. That will help to make up for the incredible gouging.........I am sorry if you work in the Insurance industry.....but what the crap is that all about??? I know log homes are more expensive but.....holy moley.........

We haven't heard back from them and it is approaching midnight here which will end the offer we had already put in.............we are preparing ourselves to walk away.........the hard part is we really like the place........we have to be out of our place on Aug do we do? We HAVE to move whether we have a place or not!

Actually I am not a total basket case......I was really hungry........and I am surprised that I am not freaking out.......lots on my mind but not freaking out!!!

So stay tuned ....... hey there is always drama in my life...... I would just like this one to be over SOON!!! and yet we wait...........


cara said…
in the words of henri, "that's sucky!" i agree. thanks for keeping us posted.
Shash said…
That does suck. Patience, we went through something similar and panicing never does any good except add extra grey hairs!!

Love ya!
mommaobrienx7 said…
I hope they accept your new offer. They should considering they were the ones who LIED to you to begin with. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

I hope you enjoyed your double quarter pounder and that you got a whole meal and that you biggie sized it! I LOVE their fries. I swear they sprinkle cocaine on them rather than salt. ADDICTING!
Hang in there!
mom of 2 said…
Waiting is such a hard thing to do! And don't even get me started on insurance companies!!! They make me want to run away screaming! Hope everything works out for you!!

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