Saying goodbye, and it's just the beginning

I said good bye to the girl's teachers today. One of Emily's teachers Ms.K is so sweet and I really just adore her. The feeling is mutual from her towards Emily and she got all choked up today when I went in to say goodbye. I did too. I made another big step today and told the school the girls won't be back in Sept. I know we have subjects to be removed from the offer we accepted last night but I felt I need to keep walking in the same direction, not holding anything back. This is an all or nothing kind of move!

I can't even start thinking about saying good bye to my church or friends and family! that will be hard, and yes I know it is not like we will never see them again but obviously a lot less than I do now! Morgan was getting a bit teary today thinking about saying goodbye to her friends too. I think of all the kids this move will be the hardest on her since she is the oldest but I also think she will benefit the most in the long run from it too.

I am leaving tomorrow for 11 days to the cabin so I don't know if their internet is up or not so I may not be able to blog for awhile and I have to say that I am SO thankful for internet! it makes staying in touch so much easier!!

Meanwhile after I get back from the cabin, I have 18 days to pack and 4 of those days I am babysitting my 4 month old nephew!! so it is going to be crazy and I am thankful that we are going to the cabin! I SO need the break! and I SO need some sleep! I didn't sleep last night going over everything and starting to think about the actual move!

The people that are buying our house came thru again this morning and they said, wow, you have so much stuff to move! I was like........we do? you should see what we already got rid of!!! ya......pack rats times 5! and having all the same sex child means a lot of clothes and shoes and the same toys...........I got barbies coming out of the whazoo!

I talked to my Uncle today who lives up North and he said we can stay at the ranch while we are waiting to move to our new place! which we havn't settled yet but hopefully we will soon and you know I will keep you posted!

till then I have to gear up my emotions for saying good bye/ see you soon to many loved ones!


Yellow Mama said…
Change is always...well...change. Eventually it becomes home.

By the way, don't put Barbie in the same box as Ken unless you want more Barbie and Ken's!
Xangelle said…
We just won't say good bye then.

Not like it will make that much difference to us. We'll always be friends regardless of whether we live in the same neighborhood, or a few cities away, or in the city next door. No distance can separate a life time of friendship. And we have the internet! Hee Hee! Just make sure that you have a spare room for when we swing by. No futons! Ha Ha! Love ya.
MugwumpMom said…
Ok, Xangelle, and I are just going to have to take roadtrips together to come visit you, while Waawee looks after her could happen!
onangelwings said… have a lot on your plate.

Everyone needs a change and a fresh start once in a while. It's great that you are not moving in the middle of a school year at least the girls won't have to start somewhere being the NEW KID, God how I hated that.
Ruth said…
Have a good time at the cabin. Relax and make sure you take some time to breathe. I also hate saying goodbye to people. I don't know if we will ever move!!

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