Report Card time, the good the bad and the ugly

I am really impressed by Morgan's report card this last term!! She got an A in French! like wow eh?! not bad considering the Western half of Canada DO NOT speak much French at all........and even though it is imposed on us and we have to take it in school, we don't really need it.

I won't get into it here but many of us Westerners really feel like a different country than the East and feel a little left out of the big picture............but that's another post!

She got all C+'s and B's for her final grades...........not bad for a kid who never studies and really puts NO effort into anything she doesn't like...........she adopts the "I don't care" attitude and well ya she is lucky to get by as well as she did!

I got a call last Friday from one of her teachers. Apparently she had an assignment due in April that was still not handed in and I finally got a phone call June 23rd. Yup somethings wrong with that!! I let her know that I wish that I had known sooner, like 2 weeks, not 2 months after it was due.

She proceeded to tell me that technically Morgan deserved to ...............get this.........keep in mind that she is only in grade science...........I was like WHAT over 1 assignment????? she then told me that she won't fail her in science but that she will only give her a "P" . I was half understanding and half thinking...........I am just learning this now??? 2 months later, you finally call me and you FINALLY figure out she actually didn't do it and I didn't email it to you or she didn't give it to the substitute like she told you???? ok then! so I emailed her told her thank you for the call, that I wished I had been notified sooner but will make sure that she gets the assignment done on the weekend and she will hand it in on Monday morning.

She was like seriously grounded ALL weekend for lying to the teacher about doing the assignment and to me cuz I asked her every night if she has homework and yes assignments are homework! so...........this was the same day that I learned the house we like is the one my friend liked and J left for PG to check it out..........SO there was LOTS going on in me say the least!

I had a nice l-o-n-g chat with her about the lying, that was more upsetting to me than the incomplete assignment, sometimes I wonder at how dumb they (kids) think we are!! like I totally don't remember thinking my parents were so naive! I asked her what she thought I would think when I saw her report card with a F or P on it for science..........ya guess she didn't look at the long picture just sort of stick your head in the sand and hope it all goes away! she wrote her teacher an apology note and even stated that we were more upset with the lying then the report.

We worked it out and I hope and pray that she is learning that lying isn't the answer..........anyhoo.........I started helping her on her report. It was on Thomas Edison, and his invention of the light bulb! In the end I ended up doing most of the report. Her motivation was seriously lacking since she knew she wasn't going to get any grade off it and she was going to get a P anyways so who cares.........well............ me for I made her do it..............she did an ok job on the basics but really sucked at the personal information. So I helped............I basically did that whole part. I am not sure if that was really the "right" thing to do but I think it helped her knowing that I would help if she just much to help is the boundary I am not sure of, but I am sure we will figure all that out! her teacher told her the report was excellent! thank you very much and her grade for the term ended up being a I don't know what happened to the "P"? so maybe the report was that good??? I don't know I am just glad that it got done and handed in, I did tell M that this means next year I have to tell all the teachers to make sure I know what assignments are due and when and if something is a day late to call me right away........goina try to nip this one in the bud!

side note: we had 2 showings tonight and the one lady is coming back tomorrow with her husband and she is VERY interested, she even told me her name so that I would know who it was if I see her name on an offer. I could hear her talking to her agent about how much to part looks promising.........

the log house we have just left for now, they are not coming down any and we figured we need to concentrate on selling our house and maybe that will give them enough time to sit on it and maybe they will come down, (they bought another place so their time is running out too) I am pretty sure that everything will work out!

thanks again for all the support I love you all my blogging buddies!!!

update at 11:30 pm....... we sold our house!! the couple who viewed it tonight! looks like we are moving July 29th!....


MugwumpMom said…
and we love you Lala! Blogging buddies forever...especially if you do move away.
cara said…
hey, congrats on selling the house! that is awesome. of course now the comes the part i hate: packing and saying goodbye to friends and fmaily. you will soon come to value the internet even more in podunksville :)
Ruth said…
YAY Congratulations on selling the more thing to not worry about!
Morning Glory said…
It sounds like you're on the right track with the lying thing. It's good that she had to write an apology and correct the mess. She's young so maybe she'll learn that if her word can't be trusted, she's in for a long, troubled life.

Congrats on the house!!
Shash said…
How are you going to pull JULY 29TH OFF!!!!! That's nuts - I hope you got big bucks for moving THAT QUICK!!!!!
Looney Mom said…
Man... this whole thing with the kids and school is TOUGH!! But I've also tried homeschooling - not any easier. I HATE when they do that! Glad it worked out.


(btw, will add you as my new 'Blog Buddy' --- YAY!)
holli said…
congratulations on selling your house - that is wonderful!!! and it must be such a burden lifted off your back.. I know how stressful it is to keep your house spotless and have strangers coming in and out.

So.. what happened with the house you and your friend both liked? I could see how that would be a sticky situation.

As for the P switching to a better grade, I would say that's a good sign.. and you're doing the right thing by staying on top of things. It's obvious that teacher isn't!!

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