My 7 things

I was tagged by my cousin mugwumpmom to do this list of 7 things.

7 things to do before I die:

d go back to Kenya
d travel to all continents and as many capitals as I can
d write a book of my story with the miscarriages and being a single mom for a while
d have grandchildren
d ok this is getting hard.....what are my ambitions??.......learn to play the guitar
d become a snow know traveling south for the winter!
d sky dive

7 things I cannot do:

r play any instrument.....used to play clarinet but that was years ago and I can't even get a note out anymore!!
r whistle with my fingers
r snap my fingers
r watch scary movies without getting nightmares for weeks!
r jump on the tramp without peeing myself..........4 kids what can I say?
r talk on the phone and blog without the person I am on the phone with knowing

7 things that attracted me to my husband:

m have you seen him? hunky hunky hunky
m he is tall......dark........and handsome
m I met him when I was 16....officially half my life now......I met him at camp and just found myself wanting to be near him.....he was fun.......athletic.......good looking......and there was just something about him
m he was always good with his little cousins, so I knew he would be a good daddy
m he is the best friend I have ever had
m he is loyal and hard working and has incredible integrity
m did I mention he is tall........I love tall.......6'5" is nice and tall....I don't even come to his shoulders.I like that!!!!

7 things I say often:

V "kewl"
V "wait till your dad gets home"
V "don't make me get up"
V "sure, I can do that for you"
V "know what I mean Verne?"
V "did someone say coffee?"
"you're driving me crazy!!!"

7 movies I can watch over and over:

a Beaches
a Ella Enchanted
a Lord of the Rings trilogy
a Elf
a 13 going on 30
a Over the hedge
a all time favorite Moulin Rouge

there you have it............I tag........... Xangelle and Maria's're it.......

side note: we made a counter offer last night so we should hear today I think if they accept it or not...........I am excited!! we also have been getting lots of info on the property and as soon as we have the accepted offer J is going to drive up there and make an offer and take the inspector through with him so that we don't have to make another is weird for me to be so excited.........a part of me is sad to be moving so far away but the excitement is stronger! We told my family last night that we are making an offer up in Prince George............some were excited some not so excited, it will be hard on my parents and my sister. I will keep you posted!!


Shash said…
I can actually physically hear you say, "know what I mean Verne" that brought flashbacks. Cous tagged me too but I wrote about my inlaws instead today, maybe tomorrow I will get to play.
MugwumpMom said…
ok, I was one of the excited ones....sort of...excited for you, but sad for me...self wars with love...who will win. stay tuned
Wave's Word said…
What not moving to Ontario! ooh well, we can visit. I'll look forward to your book. So far you're a very entertaining writer. I like your style!
I'm going to try this 7 things to do...on my blog
Ruth said…
Haha, I can't blog and talk on the phone either...I pause too long and ask people to repeat what they said...Oh well.
Renee said…
Peeing on the trampoline, that made me laugh!
onangelwings said…
Not sure how I can even compete with your 7 things to do before I die thingy but I will try. Love your 7 fave movies BTW.
Morning Glory said…
I'm trying to get caught up and finally made it over here to your blog. What a surprise to find that you and mwm are cousins!

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