The love of Money money

The love of money really starts really early.............before any real understanding of what it is or what it's worth is........they just know...............they want it!!!!

Faith has been going thru my purse/wallet........EVERYDAY..........looking for money. She comes to me on the verge of tears telling me she needs money for her allowance!!!

I am like "what allowance? you have to DO something to get an allowance"

From the point of crocodile tears she can either really lose it with jumping up and down to sniffling the saddest of tears.

She has rifled through my purse and found receipts and she comes up to me coyly with something behind her back and says in a cheeky voice "moooommmmm.......I gods mooooonnneeeeyyy"........shows me her prized money (receipt) and goes and hides it in her room........she does the same with Canadian Tire Money!! she takes it with her whenever we get into the jeep and tells me she needs this money so she can buy a dandy.....her other know some kids obsess over action figures or the latest craze in toys........not FooFoo.........she loves money and candy.......which she will need lots of money to fix all the rot in her teeth from the candy!!!!

It really makes me wonder though if I/we have put such an importance on money in our home for her to be so obsessed with it? I know for me growing up we either had it all or we had nothing.........there never really seemed to be any middle ground. My mom even had to make our clothes from curtain samples my dad brought home from work at one point to living in an 8 bedroom, 4 storey house at the bottom of the gondula of Grouse Mountain. To having 10 acres and 3 horses to having the power cut off and dad having to borrow our babysitting and waitressing money to pay the hydro. It never seemed consistant.................they are doing good now and this is the longest time that there has been no dip the other way.

I crave stability.......who doesn't??? but I really can get obsessive over it too........... when there isn't any to obsess over!!! I hate being a slave to our debt........paying loans for things we already have and even then where are the things???? we don't live biggest spending sin is going out for dinner..........that is like my favorite thing to do!!! in fact we went out for dinner last night!! we went out for all you can eat sushi..........sort of in lu for my birthday which is coming up and who knows if we will have the cash then and we had it now so we thought we should just go for it! The bill only came to $40........which for amazing!!! my hubby ain't no middle weight eater..........either am I!!! we just drank water........that makes a difference when eating out........ordering drinks is expensive!!! last year for our 10 year anniversary we went to Salt Spring Island and to this fancy restaurant and J ordered a half litre of the house white wine.....he didn't look at the price..........he should have!! was $39.00 just for the wine!!! the bill came to $200!!! we almost died..........I felt sick afterwards................we will probably never do that again and our parents said everyone has to have a dinner like that every once in a while!! I am not so sure but I do have to say that the food at that restaurant was some of the best that I have EVER tasted!!!

Financially I know that we have made many mistakes...........and we have consolidated too many times!! With this move we both want to bottle these feelings and be able to take it out when we start forgetting what this feels like!!! J works so hard and it just goes to that big black hole! not fun and takes the joy out of providing for his family! Not that we are in a hugely bad could be worse but if it weren't for the fact that the house market has shot through the roof and we have equity in our home..............we would be hooped!!

We can hardly wait for this place to sell and we can start all over..........we are young enough to do that.........and keep our finances in control and not let money rule our home and our lives! I want to be in the place that money serves us not us serving money! I want to have enough so that all our needs are met and we have extra to give away! Maybe to adopt 2 little brothers from Kenya? or start our dream of running a retreat centre before we are 50? to travel all over the world on missions trips.....there are so many dreams I have! and I truly don't want to be in debt anymore!


Shash said…
I don't give my kids an allowance to doing stuff in the house, I have given them money out of the blue for a streak of being great helpers or going above and beyond what's expected of them. Q surprised Em one day by cleaning her room for her, for nothing in return but to bless her.

I don't want to raise servants or slaves in the house, ones that ONLY do stuff for money or because they've been TOLD what to do. I am trying to raise "sons & daughters" in the house, where they know that they are a part of this place and they want to help look after it. Taking responsibility for it. The exact same goes for church. It's tough and a long process but we are beginning to see the fruits of our labour.

When it comes to money and where you spend it or sow it, always put it through a "kingdom filter". Ask yourself would this advance the kindgom of me or kingdom of God. Sometimes we spend money simply to spend it, it's burning a hole in our pockets (we get that from dad) and I have to ask myself, what else could this money be doing - a bigger picture. If I buy _____________ I am thrilled for the moment but will I be able to do __________ later? Kingdom filter.
MugwumpMom said…
Oh, I remember those days...not just with your parents but me and Jim's own struggles..and now it feels we're so blessed and don't deserve it, I sometimes feel guilty!! I think that no matter where someone is at financially, the enemy is going to try and use it to bind. He's such a liar.'ll come together. I truly believe that. Ok, and now...for something totally really must show me how to do that thing where you put a link in the middle of your post...and how to put up photos. Lets make a come over here, show me and then we'll drink wine and watch a movie. How does Friday and me babe...sound?!
Xangelle said…
You were just too early. I did 2 tonight! Take that!!!!!! Ha! HA HA!! HA HA HA!!!
Renee said…
Hey La -

I'm answering your question from my post. Yes, I think down here the kids usually get out at the end of May and go back to school mid-August. I can't believe your kids are still in school! That seems so strange to me. When do they normally go back? September?
I learn something new every day!

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