Let's try this again........

yikes I hate computers sometimes, yes they make my life easier but ugh when they don't!!!

I totally poured my heart out this morning on my post and the stupid computer erased it! deep breath, and now I just found out that my house has a showing tomorrow so........I have a little more to do and should be doing that instead of being on here.

J got home safe and sound Friday night and together we got so much done Sat. on the house. It is great to have him home. We looked at a couple of houses together on the weekend too and haven't found what we are looking for but are trusting that we will and everything will work out the way it is supposed too!!

I have some issues weighing heavy on my mind right now as well. One with my dad, I prayed through with my pastor this morning. What an angel she is!! not only did she come and help me accomplish SO much here on Friday, she made sure that things were good for J's home coming and gives me some much needed kicks in the but! I love her for that! She was totally there for me this morning too, even though she has a million things going on she makes the time. What a valuable and precious gift she is.

The other issue could be opening a pandora's box, hence the title of my first blog attempt today. I think J is going to be calling our dear Friend and talking to him about it, which is great that he is taking the initiative! I see such growth in him! To basically explain the situation without going into detail, we feel a bit caught in the middle of something brewing between some new friends and some dear close life long friends. Neither J or I like confrontation but feel that we might have been put in the middle of this to shed some light and protect our close friends. They have been hurt recently by the same kind of accusations that this new friend is saying.................we also want to be sensitive that we don't hurt our close friends by any revelations that may be better not being reveled. WOW don't know if you can follow that but oh well!

I also just got a phone call from M at school saying that she was handed a note today telling her that N had never been her friend that she had been using her all along! that bold and upfront little b*$ch....sorry....but really!!! I am feeling a little more than angry right now! M threw the note away which I told her not to do again if it happens so that I can have proof. She doesn't want me to call the mom..........I think I should...........I am done with this bullying! and I can't wait for this year to be over! I may keep her from school tomorrow, I don't know. She is going to go talk to the councilor so that is good at least.

I am really fighting feelings of running away................... I know I tend do to this when things get too pressured............. I do want to learn what I need to learn and grow where I need to grow but a HUGE part of me wants to just pack up and run away.....................


MugwumpMom said…
That's conflict for you....fight or flight. And when it rains, it's pours sometimes, doesn't it? You're in my prayers and if you ever want to talk, vent, scream, rage, or laugh, dance, veg...call me.
Pajamas said…
Ok...so like I'm totally lost..Is "Dear Friend" code for God? Jesus? The Holy spirit? Or someone else?? and the old friends vs. new friends - is that code too? Just give me some clues here!! My 'mystery' sensor is on overload...and it's driving me crazy!
Oh...and I loved cleaning with you. I seriously am thinking about starting up a business doing that kind of thing.Gotta talk to mugawumpmom!

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