I'm here and they have internet....wahooo

Right now I am sitting at the computer while my inlaws are sitting on the porch reading. I have put the kids to bed, the older 2 are sleeping in the bunk house with Jackson (our Scotie-poo) and the younger 2 are sleeping.........well not sleeping more like lying there complaining and fussing about having to go to bed!!!...........and I can hear a motor from a boat of a fisherman heading in to shore and loons crooning in the lake! there are 2 families of ducks with babies and a family of loons with 2 babies! It is SO beautiful here and serene and just what I needed!

I can feel the exhaustion of the past month of showing the house and the stress of selling oozing out of my body. We signed the papers last night and the subjects are supposed to be removed July 6th. I know that this is a crazy short time period to have to move and we don't have anything lined up yet to move into but somehow I am not stressed..........yet.hehe......I am hopeing this feeling stays! ah yah,......I just somehow know that everything will work out the way it is supposed to and things will fall into place.

ok these kids are NOT going to sleep and they are driving me crazy!!! AHAHH they never go to sleep well the first night somewhere! I think after a full day trying to catch frogs and fishing and playing in the lake and the swimming pool they will go to bed a little bit easier tomorrow night. You know that feeling that you can't completely relax until you know they are asleep??

I think tomorrow we are going to a picnic for the people who have places on the lake! that should be lots of fun. I really am so thrilled that I was able to come here now! Talk about timing! Only God knew that I would need this time away which just so happens to be right after signing the papers on our house and moving! I had this trip planned months ago and the timing couldn't be more perfect!


Looney Mom said…
That's great that you got away for a while. I know what you mean about the kids... it's so exciting for them. I hope you get some rest while they're being excited!!
Shash said…
How long are you at the lake for? It sounds nice and relaxing!! I can't wait to do something like that with my family. We have to get the basement finished first though.... :-( Have a great weekend, talk to you later.
onangelwings said…
Nice! It sounds so relaxing..well except on my dream vacation the kids would silently snoring in their beds.

Enjoy your vacation you deserve it.
Morning Glory said…
Your lake vacation sounds so wonderful. Relax and have a great time!
Mary Anne said…
Another awesome way of God letting you know that He cares about all the details of your life! Sounds like a beautiful place you're visiting!

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