Decisions to be made

This waiting! no other way to describe it, but patience isn't a virtue that I enjoy exercising. I am glad that I actually slept last night...........I don't think my kids need me to be more grouchy so this was a good thing!

We countered again with the house up North, they came back only $4,000 now there is $10,000 between us! what to do........what to do? We love the "log house" we love the 20 acres and the barn and the area. We really want this lifestyle. But at what cost?

We are still waiting on hearing about the counter we gave on our place too. All we can really do is sit and wait for our house to sell and that part sucks too!

Trust keeps swirling thru my head. Do I trust that all this will work out? Do I trust that God really is in control? really when it comes down to it...........I guess I don't or I wouldn't be wondering all this. I like to think that I trust completely and as I should..........but honestly, I think I have some issues there. So I just have to keep resting in what trust and faith I do have and keep waiting.

I do however trust Jason in leading our family to Prince George. This is the strange part for me. This is the last place on earth I would have ever wanted to move and I think I have mentioned this before. So I DO see where we have been in our marriage and where we are and I am really excited to see where we are going. I have been SO excited about moving there that I have been shocking myself. This is the lifestyle we want and I know our girls will thrive there..........and me and Jason too.

wow sometimes I am amazed at how much typing my thoughts here really helps.....cuz I feel better already..........I have really felt that that was our house and I just have to keep believing it is and maybe just maybe it is going to cost us more than we hoped but He knows what we will get for our house and He knows what we need and He knows the big I am going to relax in that.

All we can do is keep walking forward and trusting and I think that is the best decision of all!!


MugwumpMom said…
Trusting Jason is a big step, so good on you. I read in one of Mark Buchanan's books..I believe it was "Your God is Too Safe"...excellent, excellent book...that trust is like watching someone carry people in a wheelbarrow on a rope over Niagara watch that person do it a thousand, even a million times, and no one, he's good, and trustworthy.... but the real test of trust comes when he asks YOU to get into the wheelbarrow....You've come this've put your house on the market, you've covenanted in your heart to honour and follow your husband, you've allowed him to do these things, like make offers're a big way to trusting...allow God to take you the rest of the distance!! Your heart knows He is trustworthy...your head is sure to follow.
Ruth said…
It is awesome that you are able to put your trust in J. That is a huge thing!! All things will work out for the good 'cause God really is in control...Hang in there!
Shash said…
"Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don't try to figure out everything on your own.

Listen for God's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; He's the one who will keep you on track.

Don't assume that you know it all. Run to God!"

Proverbs 3:5-7a

Keep reading on, it says many wise things in the rest of the chapter!
Anonymous said…
Seriously, just put it all in the Lords hands, and stop worrying about it, and then everything will just fall into place!

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