Confrontation at it's finest!!

J called the mom last night! I am actually surprised by him a bit! he called both people that we needed to talk too! usually that would be my department! I totally feel like he has stepped up to the plate and that is SO awesome!!!

I am still angry at this whole situation with M. I am keeping her home today from school. The note that she got yesterday also stated that M is a weak link!! can you believe that a 12 year old wrote that about another 12 year old????

I am totally furious.

The mom lied to J and said that she had asked me recently if everything was ok! I am like WHAT?????? we haven't talked since I told her we couldn't car pool cuz my van died and I bought a 5 seater!!! some people.........maybe like mother like daughter!!

sorry if I sound like I am rambling here I have too much on my mind and I have a showing today and I have a few more things to do and go get lightbulbs and some hanging baskets.........

J told her that we have not talked to her yet at M's request but it has gotten to the point now where we can't let it go any further. J was angry.............he was pretty clear that he was angry.........he let her know that we are very angry and have had enough.......for a moment........a brief moment..........I felt sorry for her.........till she started lying and then she called back and said that N is in a tough spot cuz she wants to be friends with both M and her new friends and the new friends don't like M so she feels caught in the middle..........J was listening to her thinking "am I stupid? am I missing something? why would you want your daughter to be friends with people like that???"..........he did say to her these are not very good friends and I would think you wouldn't want your daughter to be friends with them either.............the mom paused...........she had to think about that DUH do you think?????.........anyways it ended by her saying she was going to call the other moms............we don't care what she does..........N was her closest school friend for the past 2 years..........N is the one who has hurt M the most cuz they were such good friends and N has chosen this other group over M to be more popular........I told M......let her don't want/need friends like that..........M didn't want us to call, she was really upset about it all thinking we were making it worse but at this point J and I knew we had to step in. I will be calling the teacher today too and see what she has observed.

J also called regarding the potential pandora's box issue too.................he wasn't sure when all was said and done if it was the right thing to wasn't sitting well with him..........but he did what he/we thought was right at the time and all we can do is trust that things will all work out they way they are supposed too. We felt guilty by association and I think we may need to confront the guilty party and let them know how we feel............really time to draw that line in the sand I think.

It seems like this is happening in all areas of my life right now.........drawing lines in the sand.........with my dad, this situation with M, and with some friends of ours................what's that saying? things come in 3's!!

Well I better get back at cleaning and getting this house ready, I have M to help me today and that is good too! I just don't want to have to have any more confrontations for a while but since I haven't talked to my dad and he didn't even talk to me or make eye contact with me the other day...........there is probably one brewing there too........well at least I got some healing out of it!! right pajamas!!!


holli said…
sigh.. I feel like there have been a lot of lines drawn in the sands of my world too.. but I don't know what else to do? I would love to tell you what the issues were because some of them are major - and do you just turn your head and ignore the elephant in the living room for the sake of peace? I don't know.

I'm praying for healing too.

Wave's Word said…
Your daughter is such a loyal friend. It is hard to learn who it is that deserves your loyalty. Sounds like the other girl watches too many soaps or reality TV. Your daughter will move on and heal and grow from this experience. Life changes, people come and go, God is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow put our faith in him. Show her the way to move on.
Shash said…
Tough stuff for M to go through, pray for people to be removed and added to her life. God's got the perfect friend for her.
Clan Schmitt said…
we have been talking to our daughter Liv, and she is going through a little bit similar . but her friend thinks that it is ok to abuse Liv,and the friends mom just believes that kids need to work it out for themselves.
Needless to say we disagree, kids need direction. We have been talking a lot to her about her value in Christ and how God does not want his child to be mistreated and she seems to really respond to knowing that God has more for her.
Shash said…
I added a flickr on my blog you have to check it out, Jana's wedding photos on are right now.

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