The Anticipation!!!

We literally are just sitting here waiting for the phone to ring. I feel like I have about 100 million butterflies living inside me right now! I got the jitters and I have even eaten breakfast and had 2 cups of coffee...........but I am shaking. I didn't sleep last night either.......what little sleep I did get was all surface sleep and yet I do not feel sleepy....... I could probably run a tri-athalon with all the built up energy/tension I got going on inside me right now!

We are waiting to hear back on 2 things..............the counter offer we gave on our place yesterday and the offer we put on the house in Prince George. AHHHHHHHHHHH the anticipation!!! Every time the phone rings we jump! so we are putzing around the house and going to try to get some things done around here but really it is hard to concentrate!

We are so excited about this property and our little adventure we are about to embark upon. The girls are excited...................we showed them the pictures that J took when he was up there this past they can actually visualize themselves there.

I can't even type any more cuz I am too excited!!! so I will keep you posted and for you praying ones out there, continue to pray that it all works together with the timing and our sale and all the little details!

thanks a bunch! once it is finalized I will post some pictures of our new home too!


Looney Mom said…
How exciting! I certainly don't blame you. I so welcome and look forward to a day that we can be so excited about purchasing a new home. Don't know if it will ever happen, but maybe. I'm praying... for you and us ;)
holli said…
I can tell you're excited.. I got excited for you!! You'll definitely be getting prayers from me that everything works out perfectly!

I can't wait for the pics!!
Mary Anne said…
Hi again! Thanks for the comment on my blog too. I used to blog regularly, but stopped a while ago. I think I might pick it back up again =) I pray that everything works out perfectly for you with the property and everything.
cara said…
wow! that is exciting! so much so that i will end every sentence with an exclamation point to show you hapw excited i am for you! even though i pretty much think PG would be the last place i would move to :) they do have starbucks though so they are one up on where i live. i hope you get good news phone calls soon!
MugwumpMom said…
It's contagious, your excitement. Hoping and praying along with ya!
Anonymous said…
I'm praying for you! And now you got me all anxious waiting for you to post about the outcome!!!! I can't wait until we own our own home someday. I'm sooo excited for you!!!

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