Anticipation is fading..........

not everything works out the way that you want or as fast as you want!!

the offer we gave was countered by them sticking at their asking countered somewhere in the middle which is our top price since it needs A LOT of work! it is a log house but...... the basement is not finished and the guy did a crappy job on the finishing work so there is much to do, plus replace all the old we don't want to pay asking price cuz it is overpriced!!

so we will see what happens

then to add to that

the people that made an offer on our place and we have countered and they countered back and then we countered back......have actually DROPPED their price!!!! so.......once again.........we wait and see what will happen!

all I know is that I am obviously NOT in control...........and I think this is a good thing!

I'll keep you posted, thanks for all the prayers! we need them!


Anonymous said…
Oh man! What's going to happen? Holding breath for you! and crossing fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes and anything else that can cross. (not really, don't believe in crossing things:)
JeepGirl said…
Stay tough and firm on your price. Sounds like if they are that into counteroffering prices that they really want it. So they'll cave in. Good luck - glad i'm not in your shoes.
I'm too busy dealing with remodeling issues - yukkie !
Ruth said…
Wow, I am so happy we are not buying or selling any houses soon!! Hope it all works out for you in the end.

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